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If you are planning to head to Thailand this holiday season, then Thailand tour packages are the best way to go about it. Pack your bags, and get ready to have a lot of adventures!Call it the “Land of Smiles” or the famous holiday destination, Thailand is never going to disappoint you. Come here for fun, frolic, adventure and tranquility. A perfect way to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, Thailand tourism is here to welcome you with open arms. This South East Asian country is visited by thousands of folks each year as it features some of the most fascinating destinations and the most magnetizing enchantments. Thailand tour packages are a favorite among holiday goers and honeymoon couples from all parts of the world.

Thailand is a perfect cocktail of some of the best things in the world


Thailand tourism gives you a good mix of exotic beaches, stunning wildlife parks, amazing sanctuaries, sky rise buildings with wonderful architecture, rich culture and historical monuments, noble traditions, super exciting city-life, peaceful resorts, hotels and plush restaurants, bustling malls and modern bars and pubs. All in all, Thailand can be framed as the “perfect cocktail” that comprises of some of the best things in the world. Apart from these, Thailand offers you a harmonious blend of amiable climate, excellent culture, hospitable people, and much more. With Thailand tour packages, you are surely going to experience the supreme class accommodation facility and make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the lip smacking delicacies that are synonymous with Thailand; after all, Thailand is famous for its great cuisine as well. All this makes Thailand one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world with huge crowds thronging the place all the year round. It is just the ideal place where you can hang out with friends, spend quality time with your family or romance with your spouse.

Some famous  places to visit in Thailand that are a part of Thailand tour packages

Thailand tour packages promise to make you experience some of the best places of Thailand. Read ahead!


Bangkok – Well, it has to be! Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is just the right example of a cosmopolitan city. Some of the major attractions of Thailand are housed in this gem of a city and it is on the “must visit” list of the many tourists visiting Thailand each year.

Ayuthaya Historical Park – This historical city is situated close to the encompassing rivers and is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is sprinkled with a number of magnificent temples and various other old ruins that leave the people in awe owing to their glorious past and marvelous grandeur. Some of the ruins that you must make a visit to are the Wat Ratburana, Wat Phra Mahathat, Wat Thammikarat, Wat Na Phra Meru and many others. The best option is to cycle across this grand city to get a good view of these ruins.

Koi Samui – This is one among the best and favorite beaches of Thailand. If you are beach lover or an ardent tourist or a newly-wed couple on your honeymoon, Koi Samui is certainly your calling if you have a fetish for the sand, sea and the sky. Its blissful ambience, appealing charm and warm cobalt waters are simple unmatchable.