Top 5 Attractions to Visit Australia

Australia has a myriad of great wonders of the world. It gives tourists different choices to choose from when it comes to adventure and recreation. In fact this famous country in the southern hemisphere has something in store for everyone. I know that you are eager to learn and know what Australia has in store for you in terms of national parks, islands, cities and any recreational facility. It is a country worth to visit once in a lifetime. The following are some of the best top five attractions to visit in Australia.Gold Coast

 Gold Coast

This is one of the major tourist destinations to visit in Australia. Just located in Queensland the gold coast has a number of exciting rides, hotels, and entertainment venues. The gold coast is a very busy city and full of life. Working on a 24 hour economy, the city has managed to attract several tourists during the day and night. The nightlife in this place is exciting and most tourists find it fun compared to other places.Kakadu National Park

 Kakadu National Park

This is one of the great magnificent cultural landscape and the largest national park in Australia with a coverage of 4, 800, 00 acres. This place is where most wonders of Mother Nature’s pride. The vast land is covered with a thousand species of insects, reptiles, mammals, plants and birds. Being a cultural landscape, you will also get to learn a lot about the culture of the Aboriginal. There are several hotels and restaurants around this place that can arrange for a tour. Alternatively, you can move in with your crew, but with caution due to several alligators around the area.Broome


The Broome is well known as the traditional lands of the Yawuru people. If you have company and need to relax and enjoy the cool environment, then Broome is the place to be. With a tropical climate, the place is one of the best places to relax, meditate or do yoga.Kangaroo Island

 Kangaroo Island

It is the third largest island after Tasmania and Melville in Australia. The place is best visited with family or friends. Kids love this place because it has a lot to educate them. The place is full of life and all kinds of rare birds and animals. There are several koala bears and kangaroos in the zoos. People also enjoy the sea life due to various aquatic lives like the sea lions, fish and crabs. The Kangaroo Island is truly a tourism icon in Australia.The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

This one of the largest coast drives in Australia. It is just near Melbourne and most tourist love to tour the place every year. The great ocean road has its own unique beauty which consists of Australia’s signature limestone rock formations. People love touring the place by car and seeing sights like the 12 Apostles among others.Barossa


Barossa majors in the world greatest red wine producing regions. Most people who love wine will die to get to this place while in Australia. The Barossa Valley has more than 50 wineries and 399 hectares of fauna and flora.