Diu – the Ilha de Calma for those seeking a delightful vacation

Diu is one of the most tranquil and delighting places for tourists in India. This small island is admirably scenic and beautiful in its setting. The colonial vestiges of the Portuguese inhabitation and the local cuisines are something not to miss at all. Read on.

Diu, as often called in Portuguese, is the Ilha de Calma which means the Isle of Calm. This sense of appreciation entirely fits the description of the enchanting beauty that enwraps the whole setting of Diu. The mellow sunlight descending from the blue sky on to the sands and cool breeze sweeping over the waves from deep water is a sight of breathtaking magnificence. Walk up to a beautiful morning at this coastal land and you would feel delighted that you chose to make your holiday trip to one of the heavenly places in India. The inexpensive and reasonable deals at various hotels in Diu add more enjoyment to your vacation as the tariff varies to a great percentage and you can often get a steep discount on the rates. It is only during festive season that you would have to pay a full rent. The discount really makes up for longer stays.

The nearest airport for arriving at Diu is 6 km from the town center, at the Nagoa Beach. The closest railhead is Delvada. Regular buses run from Una and take around half an hour. Major railway junction is at Veraval, about 90 km away. This station connects to many states, such as Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Kerala. Diu is well-connected by road route as well. Via National Highways, Gir is about 67 km from here, Somnath about 90 km, Ahmedabad about 450 km, and Mumbai about 820 km. You can make a trip to Diu any time during the year as the weather is thoroughly pleasant, yet the best of the place can be enjoyed during October to March.

From 1539 to 1961, Diu remained a Portuguese colony and here you would spot several remnants of the colonial occupation even today. The architecture, the sea, the land, the sunshine, and many other joys await the visitors at this small island. The delicious Portuguese cuisine is a top favorite here and a must-try for the guests. Seafood is available in plenty, too. A slight influence of the neighboring Gujarat can also be found and hence you can get to check out the Gujarati dishes as well. Travelers visiting nearby places never miss to visit Diu. A walk along the Coastal Enclave would tell you how peaceful and tranquil it can get to be here.

There are a number of beaches in Diu – Nagoa, Ghoghla, Chakratirth, Gomatimata, and Jallandhar. Diu Fort and Fortress of Panikota are the main monumental attractions in Diu. A couple of museums, Naida Caves, Nagar Sheth Haveli, and Diu Cycling Tracks are some of the prime outdoor attractions for tourists. Churches including St. Francis of Assisi and the Gangeshwar Temple are the major religious sites of worship and blessings. You can spend a short trip or plan for a long vacation. You can find an economy accommodation in one of the budget hotels in Diu. Explore the pleasures of a peaceful island off the beaten path.