Dining the Thailand way

Since Thailand is one of the leading holiday destinations in the world, it is not surprising to find this country an apt destination to sample all kinds of cuisines. The restaurants serve not only food, but an experience which has a lasting impression on both your taste buds and mind. Thailand tourism has been promoted over the years with food being an integral part of the entire fun package.

This is a list of restaurants in Thailand, which you just have to visit:

Yusup: If you are a Biryani fan then this restaurant is just for you. The words ‘King Of Biryani’ written in Thai in front of it says it all. The food is nothing like anything, be it their famous fish Biryani or authentic Muslim curry the preparation is just about perfect. The sour oxtail soup is another specialty of this restaurant.

Five Islands: If you have an appetite for amazing food and a dip into the ancient culinary arts then you are at the right place, your meal is preceded by a boat ride to the famous five sister islands where you can learn how a Chinese delicacy made of bird’s nest by harvesting it is made. This is one of the most unique experience that no other restaurants in Thailand provide.

Royal Project Restaurant: This restaurant is responsible for supporting various agricultural activities in Thailand. With exquisite dishes like Rainbow trout on offer this restaurant sets itself apart from other restaurants in Thailand. It also has a super store selling organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Hong Tauw Inn: If you want to escape the present age and want to take a walk down the time then this is the perfect place for you. It’s old fashioned interiors with a collection of antiques and old pendulum clocks gives it a unique look and shows a different aspect of Thailand Tourism.  thailand restaurant

Anusan Night market: It is a market with numerous Thai and Chinese seafood restaurants in the form of stalls serving their own specialties. Nearby there are other restaurants having their own ponds that hold the prawn they serve. This market contains one of the best seafood restaurants.

Yunnanese Restaurant: This restaurant is an open air setup in the Chinese village of Ban Santichon serving the traditional dishes of the Yunnanese residents. Their specialty is steamed buns served with pork legs stewed with Chinese herbs. Local crops are used to prepare dishes and rare ingredients like black chicken is used to prepare the delicacies. This restaurant shows the diversity of styles in restaurants in Thailand.

Fern Forest Café: Set amongst ferns and lots of greenery, this restaurant justifies its name in its true sense. The mouth- watering dishes served by the restaurant adds to the charm and makes it a great dining experience on a whole. With delicacies like carrot cake for dessert the restaurant gives itself a distinct position in the food business. The beautiful garden with the sound of running water is the perfect place to have a peaceful meal.

That was the seven restaurants in Thailand that almost every traveler remembers to visit. The reason why these restaurants are a must visit is that the delight of the delicious food that one experiences here is simply inexpressible and incomparable. The chance of tasting the specialties of these restaurants in the surrounding of picturesque landscapes and warm-welcoming people, is a thing that anyone cannot choose to resist. So if you are visiting the country shortly, then do check out these listed restaurants. It is quite certain that you will leave in content.

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