Chennai, one of the largest and loveliest cities in India

Many individuals still know Chennai as Madras. It is India’s 4th biggest city and additionally one amongst the fastest developing cities. It’s a cosmopolitan city that is inviting to the tourists as well as tourism-friendly, meaning that you can discover your way around effortlessly. Whether you’re going to Fort St George, which is a prominent monument built in 1644 by the British, or simply enjoying a Tamil film in one of the numerous theaters, travelling within the city is easy. Bangalore sees a great number of people using it as the gateway to Chennai. Catch a Bangalore to Chennai train and get going for a fun holiday.


To many of the international backpackers who wish to visit India, particularly South India, Chennai was just a gateway or a transit point  on the way to different towns and tourist destinations. Even until recently the Indian backpackers were also seeing the city as the same. However, on account of a steady ascent in the quantity of shopping, entertainment, cultural, and dining hubs – and additionally a flourishing dance, music, and art scene – the perception of Chennai in the eyes of backpackers has changed. Today, many are seeing it as an energizing destination in its own particular term. However, Chennai still continues to remain the gateway to rest of south India. It is only that Chennai has developed itself as a perfect destination for holidaying over a couple of decades. Start well ahead from the journey date and book a Bangalore to Chennai train. Additionally, you might like to avail a tour package.  

Beaches in Chennai

Although it’s not the country’s most well-known beach destination, Chennai is in fact home to Marina Beach, which is the longest natural urban beach in the country overlooking Bay of Bengal. The way that the fact is not widely popular means one can feel free here and enjoy significantly more peace and calmness, as they sunbathe by the ocean and have a great time by whatever method you like. Keeping in mind there are a few laws set up to keep a check on late night mingling, different nightlife venues are appearing for the individuals, who need to loosen up when the night falls.

Within Chennai, Marina Beach is the most well known sandy beach, however relaxing walk along the coast will encourage you to reach Elliot’s Beach. The beach remains occupied at the weekend, and it is ideal for a morning or night walk. It is highly popular amongst the students, and there’s continually something going on.


When you’re not drenching up the sun, visit Chennai’s numerous cultural hubs. It’s one of the best places to explore and acknowledge the remarkable Tamilian culture, especially the relationship with dance, music, and arts with religion and the locals.


Chennai Government Museum, perhaps the largest cultural highlight of the city, has an extensive range of artifacts and relics on display. There is a small entry fee, and the ticket also includes a visit to contemporary art museum and children’s museum; so you get a great deal in return of the fee that you paid. While here, check out the bronze gallery to view some fantastic pieces of classical Indian art.

Another art centre that lured backpackers to Chennai is the Kuchipudi Art Academy, established in 1963. The purpose was to educate people about the classical dance form and to preserve it. The opportunity to watch this graceful dance shouldn’t be missed at any cost. It might be good to call before you visit the centre to ensure that you will see the artists practicing before the show in addition to enjoying the actual show.