Baga – a beautiful town in Goa, best explored when with loved ones

Baga is a popular tourist town in Goa. It is most recognized for the beautiful sandy beach that derives its name from the Baga river that flows adjacent to the place. It is also a popular haunt for tourists seeking a place to relax, party, try the wide range of cuisines and beer, and relish the best of Goan culture. Visit the town for a fun vacation and pick from the best hotels in Baga. Read more about The Delights of Goa Unraveled.

Baga is one of the famous beaches in Goa. It is basically known as the extension of the Calangute beach and one of the most tourist-flocked spots in Goa. It is home to a large number of shacks, restaurants, hotels, and tour companies. The place is sandwiched between Calangute beach and Anjuna beach and is about 15 k.m. away from Panaji, the capital of the state. It derives its name from Baga River that flows at the north-end of the beach and meets the Arabian Sea. Popular amongst the domestic as well as international tourists, it is one of the hottest tourist jaunts in western coast of India. Offering a wide range of allures like feasting the never-ending supply of liquor and food, adrenaline filled activities, and simply enjoying the sun while laying down on the perfect sun-kissed beach and watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset, Baga a tourist town remains one of the prime attractions of the state.

Getting to Baga is easy because it is a popular tourist itinerary and thus shares an excellent network of roads. Margao houses a typical modern railway station closest to the tourist town. The nearest airport is situated to the south of the place at Vasco, one of the major cities of Goa. It takes about one hour on a vehicle to reach the town from the airport. Taxis, autorickshaws, and shared cabs can be easily hired from just outside the airport.

Like rest of Goa, the Portuguese influence can easily be seen in Baga town. It is reflected in the food, lifestyle, religion, art, and culture of the place, which is a significant aspect of Goa and a popular tourist allure. The town is best when explored on foot or on a rented motorbike or scooter. The curvaceous road alongside the beach with infinite long string of palm fringes is perfect for evening walk and motorbike riding. However, one may get stuck in traffic. Weekends usually experience large crowds because of the large number of denizens of Goa visiting the beach town.

The Baga beach is hands down the biggest attraction of the place. There are a number of restaurants, shops, shacks, pubs and bar which generally remain filled with tourists. There is a wide range of cuisines ranging from appetizing culinary to Indian to International cuisines to relish here. Some of the popular dining places include: La Restaurant, popular for French cuisine; J & A’s Little Italy, offers amazing Italian food in a pleasant atmosphere; Christie’s Cafe La Musica, popular for beer, Thai cuisine barbeque and some veggie delights; The Cavala Seaside Resort, most known superb food and entertainment events.

For those seeking good options to get their spirits high, Tito’s Nightclub and Club Cubana are the two happening places. Both are situated adjacent to the beach, just a few minutes walk away. Tito’s Nightclub in particular is very popular nightclub as it played host to personalities like Beatles, Matt Damon, Kate Moss, Dire Straits, and a bunch of other celebs.

Most of the Baga hotels are situated near to the beach. They are highly popular amongst the tourists visiting Goa. There are also a number of cheap hotels options where one can find a satisfactory stay along with relishing the best of the place. To name a couple of good lodging options in Baga, some are: Hostel Joseph’s Haven, Lime Holidays, Casa Baga, Hotel VivaBaga, and The Baga Marina.