Awe-inspiring weekend getaways near Ghaziabad

A historical city in the state of Uttar Pradesh it is said that the civilization existed in Ghaziabad 2500 years before Jesus Christ. Although Ghaziabad is not a much renowned tourist destination but people often head to Ghaziabad to go on awesome weekend getaways that are just 5-6 hours away from the city. If you are seeking for a good time with your family or friends then Ghaziabad is the place to come as it has many places suitable for all age groups. Just book your Delhi to Ghaziabad taxi and get ready to have an awesome time around the city.

Ajrara: It is arranged on the bank of Kali Nadi, a waterway, which goes through this zone. The town lies roughly 7.5 kilometers from Kharkhoda, its Headquarter. It got its name from a yogi-a parsimonious called Ajaipal who brought a religious temple up in the town and named it Hajipara. Yet, the town has turned into a vacation destination for an alternate reason. It is a home to well known tabla players who developed a gharana-a style or a custom in playing tabla. The style has come to be known after the name of the town and is, in this way, called Ajrara Gharana.


Bahadurgarh: Bahadurgarh, a town is arranged on Bulandshahr – Garhmukteshwar street, 78 kilometers from its District Headquarter Ghaziabad. The first name of the town was Garh Nana, yet was changed by its ruler Nawab Bahadur Khan, a Pathan, who got it as a jagir or a bequest from Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The presence of the town is accepted to go back to the seasons of Mahabharata. As per old stories, Daanvir Karna, the legend of Mahabharata acclaim assembled Raja Karan ka Khera or a natural surroundings in the present Mustafabad, around 6.5 kilometers from Bahadurgarh. The vestiges of the antiquated territory are still visible on the area.


Dhaulana: A historical town, Dhaulana is arranged on the Hapur-Bulandshahr Road in Gulaothi, roughly 23 kilometers from Ghaziabad. As per legends, the town was established by a Rajput chieftain Dhol Singh Shishodia and was likewise named after him. It was later assaulted and assumed control by the Sikhs in 1780. The town became well known amid the principal war of Independence in 1857. Fourteen of its valiant Rajput occupants headed by Lala Jhankumal were hanged by the British government for their part in the in the flexibility battle. The appreciative inhabitants of the town fabricated a landmark by the name of Shaheed Smarak a tribute to the memory of the saints in 1957 to stamp the century of their affliction.

Faridnagar: Faridnagar is a residential area in Tehsil Modinagar in Ghaziabad. It is arranged on Begmabad-Hapur street 30 miles from the area headquarter and only 2 kilometers from Bhojpur Block. The town owes its name to Farid-ud-commotion Khan, an officer in the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The sovereign gave away this town as a Jagir or a bequest as a prize for his steadfastness. The jagir covering seventeen towns was arranged amongst Pilkhua and Begmabad. Faridnagar used to be a battalion town, a sort of military post for Mughal armed force including for the most part Baloch fighters. It was likewise at home to a mint or taksal that produced the coins amid the time of Akbar and his child Jahangir.

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