Aurangabad: a city replete of historical heritages

Located in the state of Maharashtra, Aurangabad is one significant city in the state. It is a major tourist destination and a fine exhibit of an urban city. Simply head to this historical city and explore-relish all of its hidden attractions, to best enjoy your holiday.

Aurangabad, a destination that is replete of unmatched attractions of tourism, is certainly one fine place where one would like to spend his holidays. A perfect destination for family holidays or solo hitchhiking, the city is one fine exhibit of a perfect mix of the old with new. It is one important city in the state of Maharashtra, as well as in the nation. It owns a huge historical significance and is a major highlight among the Indian tourist circuit. The visitors to the city are not just limited to domestic tourists but also tourists from overseas. A major reason for the city’s popularity is that it serves as an excellent stopover for the visitors of the World Heritage Site the Ajanta and Ellora Caves. Before heading out for these magnificent time-bound caves, checking out the attractions, the medieval monuments and fascinating remnants in particular, is one cool thing to do while in Aurangabad.

Named after the great emperor, Aurangzeb, the city of Aurangabad is evenly sprinkled with several remnants of the past and modern places to visit in Aurangabad. The Mughal architectural marvels in particular are the major highlights. To name some prominent historical heritage include: Bibi ka Maqbara, the ancient gates surrounding the city, the mosques, tombs, Panchakki, and others. The Bibi ka Maqbara is a beautiful structure beautifying the city. It resembles another world popular historical heritage that dots the nation, which is Taj Mahal. In fact, this is the whole purpose behind the construction of Bibi Ka Maqbara. It was built on the memories of Aurangzeb’s wife, by their son in the year 1679. Though it does pales when compared with the original, but the grace and elegance of Mughal and Persian architectural style makes it a delight to watch.

Another historical heritage that dates back to time before the invasion and colonization of Mughals is Panchakki. It is one fine example of the engineering brilliance of ancient times. The place is actually a watermill used to operate the large grinding stones for grinding the grains. Though, the place is now weather-beaten but still is in good perseverance state. Also, 3km to the north of Aurangabad there exist several historical caves that were excavated out of the hillside facing towards south. These caves were built during 3rd to 11th Centuries, for the Buddhist monks who lived and preached in the area.

Similar to these caves, the Ajanta and Ellora caves also belong to the Buddhist monks. These caves need no introduction, counted amongst the most outstanding historical tourists attractions in the nation the caves are a must visit. It is believed that the Buddhist monks originally took shelter in these natural caves during the monsoons, and then began decorating them with paintings and religious motifs. Later they began to perform rituals and started preaching in the caves. These then became their temples called Chaityas and living places called Viharas. These caves are finest exhibits of rock-temple architecture style and depict the stories of Buddhism.
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