5 attractions that kids should not miss at Ferrari World

As an amusement park located on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is one of the prime choices of visitors coming to this Gulf city. It is located inside the grounds of Yas Marina Circuit. It is renowned as the only Ferrari-branded theme park in the world and it also happens to be the largest indoor theme park in the world.

abu dhabi ferrari world

Opened to public in November 2007, it is spanned over the area of 86,000 square meters. Such is the fame of the park that within five years of its inauguration, it was awarded the “Middle East’s Leading Tourist Attraction” at the 2015 World Travel Awards. It attracts the tourists several regions and those visiting UAE would find the place quite irresistible. One could avail the Ferrari World tour package from any reputed travel agency based in the UAE providing comprehensive packages.

So in case you are visiting this place with your young kids, then here are the best attractions for them:

junior gt ferrai worldJunior GT: Here at the junior Pitola’s driving school, your kids could experience the fascinating thrill of driving on these mini-cars and get a real opportunity of learning it from the experts. After getting some basing training from these experts, one could get the real fun of trying ones’ hand at the 430 GT Spider. It is not just about moving randomly in any direction, but one could also get a chance of navigating stoplights, going around the roundabouts and following the road signs. It’s the great way to learn driving while having some real fun.

junior grand pixJunior Grand Prix: The Junior Grand Prix is just another part of learning to drive at this racing school as one gets a great opportunity of driving a miniature Ferrari F1 racing car. As with the Junior GT, young drivers would first get the driving instructions from the instructors present at the venue. And once they get these basic skills, they could race with other young competitors and hone their driving skills. Safety norms are always to be adhered to, just to ensure that safety remains the prime concern.                        

Khalil’s Car Wash: At the Khalil’s car wash, young kids could get the first-hand experience of a car wash where these young children could have some real fun.

training camp

Junior Training Camp: At the junior training camp, young kids could get several adventurous thrills. These include parabolic slide, hexagonal tower, skyscraper walk, jump in the air, low adventure, etc. The climbing area has these structures where children can try hand at these drills under the watch and guidance of several experts. Of these structures, hexagonal tower is a great thrill and comprise of three climbing walls.

galleria ferrari

Galleria Ferrari: At the Galleria Ferrari, young kids could get up-close with the supreme display of Ferrari cars. One could experience these extensive works of art where classic Ferrari cars are displayed for the public viewing. Apart from the display part, one also has the chance of meeting the drivers and artists present at the gallery.

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