Your Essential Guide to Visiting India

India offers a myriad experience to each and every one if its visitors. Its culture and traditions differ from state to state and in some cases even within the states there are distinct cultures and traditions. India is not just a tourist destination. It is sort of an emotion that every individual has to experience at least once in his lifetime. There is nothing short that India has to offer when compared to European and American tourist destinations. The country beams with pride of being the most natural as well as a modern tourist destination in the Asian continent where history and modern marvels do exist in equal harmony. Engulfed by sea on three sides, India has some of the scintillating beaches in the world. The arid Sahara desert spreads fast and large in Rajasthan where once Rajput rulers established mighty kingdoms that laid the foundation of the Indian empire. India is blessed with abundant natural reserves. The country has a large space expanse of forests and greenery including sky kissing hill stations where the British found solace from an otherwise hot and humid country climate.taj mahal

India is not any place where one can hitch on a backpack and get on for a trip. An Indian travel itinerary requires careful planning and consideration failing to which you will end up missing the most spectacular sights in the country. Every state and city in the country offers numerous offerings for adventure, sightseeing, landscape and cultural activities. India’s diversity can make a first time visitor feel like he or she is visiting multiple continents with the same passport. The country contains a cultural mix that is made up of various religions, cultures, traditions, and preferences that makes it a gem of a tourist destination in Asia as well as the world as a whole.

The Golden Triangle Tour: The Golden Triangle Tour of India takes you on a travel itinerary across the cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra where history and culture of India can be seen in their prime. This tour is also the most sought after travel program in India that both domestic tourists as well as international tourists adore equally. Delhi during the days of the Rajas was referred to as Indraprastham and was the seat of the capital. Delhi even today is the seat of government and is home to some of the historic monuments and landmarks that chart Indian history. Most Indian tours take into account a trip to Delhi as the epitome of the entire tour without which it is incomplete.South Indian Tour

South India Tour: South India is home to some of the finest beaches and natural landscapes in India. The culture and traditions of South India are the biggest draw for foreigners who are not only amused by the practices, but also gape in awe of knowing the scientific background. South India is dotted with a plethora of temples and religious monuments that are built to perfection with architectural magnificence and intricate artwork. A professional south Indian tourism would be able to explain in detail the background of how a temple in South India was built, its historical prominence and its uniqueness better than some of the historians.North India Tour

North India Tour: India’s northern states are blessed with forts, palaces and ancient monuments of extraordinary craftsmanship that put to shame some of the international tourist landmarks. Udaipur, Ajmer, Mount Abu, Agra, Varanasi, Amritsar, etc. are the most leading tourist destinations to which all major tour operators in India offers services. Udaipur is known as the Venice of the East for its numerous man-made lagoons and lakes in the background of which stands various forts and palaces constructed during the reign of the Rajput clan.

All India tours: India never misses to amaze any of its visitors. For a slice of India’s urban life head to Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore where the city comes to life when darkness sets in. For a glimpse of an exotic natural beauty head to Sahayadri hills or the Western Ghats that border the south Indian states where wildlife, birdlife, natural reservoirs and nature live in perfect serenity. Goa is India’s party capital. Head to Goa for the annual Sunburn festival where the party animals from all over the world throng the many beaches that this Indo-Portuguese culture influenced state has to offer. Kerala is the place where your taste buds will jump with ecstasy as the state is world famous for its numerous and exquisite marine food delicacies.

It is quite impossible to cover all tourist landmarks in India with one trip. In fact, even a citizen of India would be able to cover all the tourist locations within a lifetime. Such is the vastness and magnificence of India’s tourist itineraries. This big country has enormous options of travel that includes adventure, leisure, history, religion, urban life, cuisine, etc.