Prepare for Your Diving Travel Trip to Malta!

If you’ve never been scuba diving before, you are missing out on a whole new world right below your feet. There are thousands of creatures and all kinds of wild life below the surface of the water, and one of the best ways to see them is by going scuba diving in Malta!

Before you go off on your trip, it is wise to look into different types of scuba diving gear. All companies in Malta who help you arrange your trip and provide training and a guide will also let you rent equipment. So the good news is that you will not have to buy it yourself, but getting acquainted with it beforehand will give you a leg up on your trip!

There are a lot of different styles of scuba diving fins. The most common and widely used is the blade fin, which is long, strong and thick. A new style of fin that is catching on is the split fin, where there is a “V” shape in the middle of the fin, coming down to the top of the foot. With the blade fin, you have to kick harder while you’re in the water, but you kick less often. But with the split fins, you don’t have to kick as hard, but you have to constantly be moving your legs. Neither one has a huge advantage over the other, it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Most scuba diving fins have a “one size fits all” foot strap, which does work well for most people. But if you have large or small feet, you will be better off with fins that have adjustable foot straps. If you are planning on bringing your whole family to Malta, then you will be provided special fins for children who, naturally, have small feet.

You can find plenty of accessories to go on your scuba diving fins too, such as OMS heel straps. It’s basically just as adjustable spring with heel padding so your feet have more room and are more comfortable. And they work just as well as regular foot holders. They also make quick-release heel straps so when you’re done with your dive, you don’t have to struggle getting your foot out of the fins. Just pull the strap back and your feet are free!

Honestly for adults, any type of diving fin will do the job, but there are a lot of companies and brands that make specialized fins to make your dive better. Tusa liberator fins have a non-vented hydrodynamic design which will give you better propulsion underwater. The Oceanic Vortex V-16 is another specialized scuba diving fin that’s raved about by professional divers all over the world. From the material used in their fins to the extremely unique look and design, these fins are guaranteed to please even the most experienced scuba divers.

When you come to Malta and if you happen to see some holes in your fins, don’t automatically think they’re broken! Some designs call for holes in the fins, and those holes can actually make you go faster while you’re diving, and make swimming through water a lot easier. I would advise you to check your equipment thoroughly and if you suspect something, immediately bring it your instructor/guide’s attention.

If you’re one of those people who would rather buy then rent, it’s not a bad idea to spend a little extra money to get fins made out of a light material, as opposed to a heavier material like rubber. Lighter fins will feel more natural in the water and will be easier to use.