Darjeeling, a place where there are sky scratching hills

Darjeeling is the well known hill station in West Bengal, and the grand home of Sherpa Tenzing, who was the first human to step on the highest mountain top of the world, Mount Everest, with Edmund Hillary in 1953. Mark Twain visited this Himalayan town and penned down his impression about Darjeeling as the area that all men crave to see, and having seen once, by even a mere glimpse, would not give that away for the shows put forward by whatever remains of the world, together. Such is the delightful place where there is Darjeeling.

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Queen of the Himalayan Region

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Surrounded by little Asian nations as Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, Burma, and Bhutan, the lovely hill station Darjeeling, that is Queen of the Himalayan Region is not just one of the greatest tea makers of India but at the same time is richly blessed with characteristic magnificent. Darjeeling is indeed a place that ought to be visited if you wish to see a place that is the closest to “heaven on Earth”.  

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Foothills of the Himalayas

Aptly set on the foothills of the Himalayas at a height of somewhere in the range of 2000 meters, Darjeeling, which once fell within the territory of Nepal before 1816, mirrors the excellence of the Himalayan top of Kanchenjunga, prevalently known as “Five treasures in the snow” and adored by the locals as the house the divine beings. Kanchenjunga, actually signifying ‘the golden thigh’ is truly a beautiful mountain summit of the Himalayas and in the event that you need to see its magnificence in flawlessness and that of its basic Singla valleys, you should get to the Jawahar Parvat behind the Raj Bhavan (Governor House). The view from here is truly grand. Be that as it may, you will be missing something awesome in the event that you skipped Tiger Hill. Somewhat far from Darjeeling town, this world-celebrated “Window of the Sunrise” sits at an elevation of 2590 meters. What’s more, it is known for offering an all encompassing perspective of the Sun ascending over Kanchenjunga. One can see from here the magnificence of the whole Eastern Himalayan tops and can watch even Mount Everest if the climate is clear. It is brilliant to see the golden shine of the rising Sun sprinkle its changing shades on the snow.

Rains, river that roars, thunder, sky-scratching hills, lovely individuals, smiling young girls, Buddhist flavor, amazing wildernesses, and fluctuated untamed wildlife are the pith of the life of Darjeeling. Darjeeling customarily signifies ‘Dorje Ling’, that is, the ‘Place where there is the Thunderbolt’.

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People and Culture

Equality among men and women, which is a yet a fantasy for the rest of India, is a striking reality in Darjeeling. Women work out in the field, pluck tea-leaves, offer home-made things in the business sector, hold hands with their male partners in all the work, and are bright and energetic. Men on the other hand see women with respect and give equal opportunities.


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Darjeeling is filled with magnificent aesthetics as well as intriguing spots for individuals of varied taste. Grandiose mountain territories and falling waterways offer brave games like trekking, mountaineering and rafting. Courageous individuals from everywhere throughout the world come to Darjeeling to appreciate trekking.

Buddhist Monasteries

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Buddhist Monasteries are such superb spots in and around Darjeeling, which have their own particular charm and appeal. Their aesthetic structure as well as their relaxing sedating impact, leaves a permanent effect on everyone who visits them. The Buddhist Monastery of Ghoom, a spot close to Darjeeling, merits a special mention, and it is essentially worth going to.