Top 10 Travel Destinations in the World

Corsica, France
Being a Mediterranean island, Corsica offers a mix of Italian and French cultures. Its landscape is exceedingly beautiful and its topography challenging. It is its spectacular combination of its epic beauty and the tricky topography that made it the most spectacular choice to host the historic Tour de France. It is a great place to be for food and activity.

The Negev, Israel 

Having been regarded as nothing but just a barren desert for decades, the Negev has turned to be a giant development greenhouse. It hosts several spa resorts, eco-villages, and wineries. In addition, a new airport and a high speed railway connecting Negev to Eliat are set to open soon. Being in a desert, the Negev is best for activity and adventure.

Mustang, Nepal
Mustang offers a place to enjoy nature in its original form. Until 1992, no one from the outside was allowed in. The new road connecting China to Mustang and Nepal makes this remote area accessible.

The Yukon, Canada

The Yukon is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world. The vast wilderness has a beauty and grandeur that one can only appreciate in person. It is territory to the Dall sheep. Due to global warming, the northern part of this wilderness is melting into the Arctic Ocean. It is great for adventure and activity.

Chachapoyas and Kuelap, Peru
Seated on the Peruvian Andes, to the north of Peru, Chachapoyas is a small, quiet but hard to reach mountain city. It has some of Peru’s most incredible natural and cultural treasures. Among them is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world and Karajia, the funerary site of Peru.

Gulf Coast, United States

In spite of the fatally gone awry drilling operation off the Louisiana coast in 2010, the Gulf Coast has rebounded. The sand dunes at the coast now sparkle and the travellers to the Gulf Coast are now enjoying Louisiana’s tepid water. The Gulf Coast is best for activity and family vacation.

Carinthia, Austria 

With its belts constricting across Europe, the Alps Mountains have become the exclusive destination of tourists in Europe. Carinthia has ski resorts on every mountain top making it a good place for family vacations.

Palawan, Philippines

With hundreds of flickering, uneven islands and a 2000 kilometre primeval coastline, Palawan has only been tried by just a few lucky ramblers. The trail left by these pioneers has exploded and has led to airlines scheduling flight to Palawan. It has unmistakably attracted a lot of interest from tourists who visit the place mainly for adventure.

Inland Sea, Japan

Japan has not been in the destination lists for many tourists because of its busy cities which make the country seem unnatural. For those who take the risk to visit the country, Kyoto, Tokyo and Mt. Fuji, collectively referred to as Seto Inland Sea, offer them a 400 kilometre long shipping canal. Here they can enjoy the beauty of Japan without the bullet trains, bells, and whistles.

Campania, Italy 

Italy is home to some of the most compelling sceneries in the world. Campania incorporates one of Italy’s most opulent coastlines (Amalfi Coast), one of the mind-blowing and cheery cities – Naples, Mt. Vesuvius menacing beauty, and Pompelli – a frozen Roman city. Between April and July 2014, Campania will host UN’s 4th Universal Forum of Cultures.