Top 10 Travel Destinations In Germany

Germany has many exciting destinations where you can spend your leisure time. It has many beautiful cities.
There are many historic sites and museums where you can learn about the history of Germany.



The Rhine Valley

The Rhine Valley is a UNESCO world heritage site. There are many cities along the valley where you can get accommodation. The Rhine Valley receives many visitors due to its geographical site as well as many recreational sites. Rhine river also plays a part in the fame of the Rhine Valley. It is the largest river in Germany.


Bavaria is a state located in Southeastern Germany. It is one of the oldest states in Europe. It has a beautiful countryside and big alpine mountains. It is located in the capital of Munich.




Rothenburg is an old city with beautiful sites. It is well known for its big hall. The city is surrounded by big walls, it has many hotels. Rothenburg receives many tourists every year.


It is a city located on a small island with beautiful houses. It is a residential area with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. Lindau is a popular city and receives many tourists.


Bodensee is the largest lake in Germany. The lake has a flower island in it. Ferries are always available to take people around the lake. The place also receives many tourists annually.


Munich is an old town best known for its football club. The town always has October markets that are attended by more than 5 million people. The markets are the busiest.

Cologne Cathedral

It is the greatest cathedral in Germany. It has been the famous landmark of Cologne for centuries. Cologne Cathedral is the biggest and the smartest Cathedral in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate

This is the only surviving gate in Berlin. It symbolizes the union of the East and West Berlin. The gate was built several centuries ago. It is regarded as one of the most famous landmarks in Europe.


It is situated on a rugged hill in Southwest Bavaria. It’s a big castle which was commissioned by King Ludwig ll of Bavaria. Neuschwanstein is the most photographed building in Germany and is amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Germany.


This is the capital city of Germany. It is the largest city in Germany and has many different tourist attraction sites. It has many historical sites as well as museums and monuments. The city is always full of tourists.

Germany is a place you should never miss. It has the best historic sites and enjoyable destinations. You can use your Turkey Visa card to reach any destination in Germany. You will never regret visiting Germany.

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