The Magical Land Of Indonesia

Indonesia is said to have received the blessing of god and it sure seems true when one looks at the beauty of this place. The place has a special reserved eco-system that allows rainforest all the year round; in fact, half of the land area is covered with these he forests. The name of the place is derived from a Greek word ‘indos’ that means Island, which is apt for the place. Indonesia is known to have thousands of Islands. The beauty of the place is that out of these around 17000-20000 islands only 6000 are known to be inhabited permanently; there are many that are not even been visited or explored totally. This allows the visitors a full of nature, refreshing and energetic holiday options

Indonesia food

Indonesia is known to have been a home for many settlers before it became independent. The settlers have seen to make a lot of influence on the food of the place. The neighbors and the culture are also known to influence the eating habits of the place. Thus, someone who is visiting Indonesia should not worry about food; in fact they should look forward to what the place has to offer. It has been commonly seen that someone who visits the place loves the cuisines it offers. The variety is second to none and the food quality is high due to natural availability of most of the ingredients. Also, Indonesia is known to have healthy trade relations and thus gets to trade many eateries adding with many other things adding to the savory element.indonesia food

Places to visit

When one is in Indonesia it is best to land in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is well connected with the world through international flights; it is also well connected to the rest of Indonesia so travelling to Bali banks, Tidung, KarimunJawa, Derawan Islands, Bunaken Islands etc. is no problem. Jakarta offers good eating places, resorts and shopping expeditions. If there is someone who has a long journey they may stay in Jakarta for a day and relax before hitting the beach.indonesia places to visit

The arrangements to be made should be done in advance. The voyage en Indonesie would ensure that you have a special experience when you are here. Allow the service providers to make a whole travelling plan so that you stay comfortably in Indonesia. It is a must that you have an idea of what you expect from the place. Do not be too greedy and try to visit a lot of places. It is best to think about a few islands and then spend the best time having fun while there.scuba diving indonesia

Indonesia is someplace that has everything to offer to its tourists, the family resorts, the luxury hotels, the world class cuisine, the sports activities, shopping fiestas allow every member to enjoy the trip to the maximum. The sports lovers have a special attraction to this place. Every time the visitors are seen making an addition to the total visit last year all this due to the suitable policies and tourist friendly atmosphere.