Thang Hen Lake The Attracting Travel Spot In Cao Bang

With other travelling spots this kind of as Pac Bo historic monument, Ban Doc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave, Thang Hen Lake is known as 1 of the desirable and exciting ecotourism web site with mysterious legends, poetic landscapes attracting plenty of visitors.thang hen lake

Area of the lake
Thang Hen belongs to Quoc Toan village, Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province at hundreds of meters peak to the sea stage. Thang Hen is 1 of the most stunning lakes lying on mountains of the nation. Lying in the center of the green coloration of mountains and forests, growing on the cliff and reflecting down to the lake is the gorgeous Thang Hen. Thang Hen is a diamond-shaped lake, three hundred meters in width and more than one thousand meters in length. The commencing of the lake is a large cave and its water flows from below all day and night. Particularly, drinking water in Thang Hen has higher and reduced tiding occasions. In wet year, even though other lakes turn into red, Thang Hen Lake is constantly in the pure and fresh inexperienced color. In dry time, h2o is ten meters in depth. Near the lake, there is Thang Luong Lake the place there is a mountain showing up in the center.thang hen lake waterfall

Legend of the lake
This lake has a great legend about an intelligent and good-looking male whose identify was Sung. He was selected to become a government formal and experienced 7 times to return home to shell out thanks to ancestors following reaching educational honors. He married to a beautiful girl named Booc. He was so in adore with his new spouse and forgot the coming back day. In the seventh night, he abruptly remembered about the coming back again working day and hurried stating goodbye to his family and ran to the capital. In the middle of dim and scary night in the wild forest, he ran 36 actions and fell down, crushed his head into the cliff and died. 36 measures symbolize for 36 lakes with diverse names of Tra Linh district. It is stated that Thang Hen lake today is the location where he lied down.beautiful thang hen lake

The potentials of tourism
Today, Thang Hen has 36 natural lakes – much from each other about hundreds of meters. Each lake has its personal bulkhead nevertheless, all lakes are absent by way of by underground caves. 36 normal lakes lie in a large valley in Quoc Toan village (Tra Linh) and Ngu Lao village (Hoa An). These lakes have been named in local language these kinds of as: Thang Vat, Na Ma, Thang Loong, Thang Hoi hundreds a long time ago. Thang Hen implies “bee’s tail” in Tay language because in overview, it seems like a bee’s tail.

These days, with the expenditure of the federal government and neighborhood authority, Thang Hen spot has grow to be an excellent ecotourism and vacation resort travelling website for tourists. Close to the lake, there are resorts, motels and boats or canoes to carry visitors to pay a visit to exciting locations. Coming listed here, travelers also have probabilities to get pleasure from specialties of the lake these kinds of as mountainous shrimps cooked with tamarind and canarium fish simmer. Specifically, there are wonderful sli, “then” and “luon” singing designs producing men and women fall in love with Thang Hen lake.

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