Most Popular Destinations in India to Enjoy Surfing

India has no dearth of places to visit and incredible tourism opportunities. It is home to the best of the hill stations, historic cities, beach destinations and serene backwaters. India attracts a number of tourists with its exclusivity and diversity. The tourism opportunity in India is not only limited to sightseeing but it also features a number of places where one can enjoy numerous adventurous activities. Spoil yourself into the adventures of surfing, visiting major surfing destinations of India. Shimmering waterways, untouched natural beaches and gorgeous rivers of India are perfect for surfing. Explore some of the most famous surfing destinations of India.


Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Auroville is basically an unexplored township and tourists visit this place for its beach. If you are full of adventure spirits, take a surfer’s board and go for a fun-filled experience. At Auroville Beach, surfing is truly wonderful as it is not packed with surfers. You can approach local surfers of the township to the get some tips for surfing.


Andaman Island

Surrounded with crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Andaman is a true realm for true adventures. It offers amazing treasures to the surfing enthusiasts from the month of February to May. Some of the best waves the planet ever offers can be witnessed here. Only blessed surfers can visit the place and indulge into surfing activity. It is most isolated surfing destinations in the world.


Mahe, Kerala

Mahe is a scenic small town having a French flavor in its aura. There are numerous great spots for surfing at this place. You can’t find those spots through the map. You only have to rely on your intuition to enjoy surfing here.


Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is also known for offering best sea rides and surfing. It has loads of surfing schools that turned up in Mahabalipuram in a few years. You will come across several fishermen who will guide with best practical directions of surfing. You can take surfboards on rent from them. Prior to being a surfing destination, Mahabalipuram is famous for its scenic beaches, tiger caves and sea shore temple.


Vizag (Visakhapatnam), Tamil Nadu

Vizag is a popular surfing destination on the east coast of India. It offers great opportunities for enjoying sea rides and surfing. This is an ultimate place featuring big beaches and commercial harbor with some really amazing spots for surfing. There is a surfing school in the city and about five surfing spots are there that considered safe for enjoying this activity.  


Puri, Odisha

Puri is a significant pilgrimage center, which is mainly recognized for its grandiose Rath Yatra. Yet, it is also recognized for its striking beaches. These beaches are ideal for surfing enthusiasts. Long stretches of Puri beach offer the tourists plenty of space to handle strong waves. On the immaculate beaches of Puri, encounter with high wave rides and indulge into great experiences. From the surfing schools of the city, one can hire surfboards.


Dwarka, Gujarat

No one would have ever thought that Dwarka may be a surfer’s delight. However, the religious city is comprised of a bewitching sunset point and is home to the best of beaches. Dwarka is an ideal place to indulge into the sea waves and enjoying various adventure sports. Being a sacred place, it doesn’t attract many surfing enthusiasts. So, it is better to bring your own surfboard.


Kovalam, Kerala

The home-grown and impulsive surf culture of the town of Kovalam had kept the young people far from alcohol and narcotics. At present, Kovalam is a popular surfing destination in India offering a number surfing schools teaching techniques of surfing and offering surfboards for rent. Beaches in Kovalam are an ideal way to indulge into this breathtaking beachside activity. Surfing is safe and wonderful activity to enjoy in Kovalam as the village offers a number of safeguards around.


Gokarna, Karnataka

The long stretches of the main beach of Gokarna offer wonderful waves for the beginners. Known for offering clean blue waters, light current and enjoyable streaming, Gokarna Beach ensures that you don’t run go breathless while paddling. Rainy Season is the perfect time for the beginners to surf in Gokarna.



Despite being a popular beach destination, Goa is not so famous among the surfing enthusiasts. The reason is the time to visit Goa. People often come to Goa from December to February. However, this is not at all a good time to visit Goa for surfing. From the month of June, the surf can be experienced in this place. Surf at that time goes up to 5-10 feet. So, explore Goa at the right season and be sure of getting the waves there.

Are you excited to visit the destinations? If you are an adventurer, then don’t kill the passion to go higher with the sea waves.