Six Goa Adventure Tour Types For Iron Hearts

There are a lot of Goa adventure tour packages that you would come across in many sites. Not all packages would introduce you to all types of adventure sports. Here are the top adventures that you ought to enjoy if you visit Goa.

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Dona Paula is a small place in Panjim. It is the best place for tourist for wind surfing. It might look simple and easier. But, you ought to manage to balance yourself in the rough sea with the help of wind. There are classes for beginners and also some extreme variations for experts. If you are up for this adventure and you are an expert in it, try kite-surfing too. Kite-surfing is very common in Morjim beach.

Jet skiing

jet skiing

You would have seen a lot of movie stars performing this adventure on screen. How about trying this skiing in real life? With speed that can tear waves, you would be almost flying in the air with the occasional bumps. This is for those who love speed, waves and adrenaline. The top beaches for this adventure sport are Arossim, Rajbagas, Colva, Calangute and Miramar.


parasailing in goa

This adventure is as close as flying. You would be tied to a parachute in one end and the other end to a speeding boat. The boat would pull you forward and the parachute would resist you. The result is that you would be flying above the sea.  This is the best activity for iron hearts out there. This activity also helps you to get a hawk’s eye view of the coastline. This activity is common in Sinquerim and Candolim beach. You ought to parasail near Fort Aguada for some picturesque experience.

Scuba diving

scuba diving

You would not be able to hear a thing and you would be covered with deep blue blanket of sea water with no ends and walls. You would be in a real new world, all alone. You would have colourful flora and fauna to accompany you. If you are an expert scuba diver, you can explore a few ship wrecks too. There are also a lot of scuba diving lessons that are conducted for beginners. The top places for scuba diving are Baga and Bogmalo.

Catamaran sailing

catamaran chartar

Boating is a good activity. Sailing on the sea is a different experience. But, how about sailing your catamaran without any guide? You are on your own in the vast sea, on a catamaran. There are separate routes and equipments for beginners and experts.  There are also courses for beginners here. Honeymoon beach, Butterfly beach and Agonda beach are the top destinations for this activity.

Banana boat ride

banana rides in goa

This is a mild activity for you and your family. This is the most fun filled activity of all.  About 6 people would be seated on a large boat that is in the shape of a banana. The boat is pulled out with the help of a speed boat. You would be flung from side to side and some might get thrown out. Do not worry; the boat will wait for you to get back on it.

There are a lot of Goa adventure tour activities that would suit you and your family. If you are looking for some adventure time during your vacation, Goa is the right place for you.