Know the what and where of the shopping scene in Jaipur

When you return back from a vacation or holiday, as much as the tales of your journey are interesting and awe-inspiring, it is always nice to bring back souvenirs for the families or loved ones. It is almost a normal human courtesy even. In this regard, you should not have any problems shopping for souvenirs in Jaipur.

Shopping is irresistible and inevitable in a city like Jaipur. From a huge assortment of authentic hand crafted handicrafts from various kinds of jewels. On your visit to Jaipur, one thing is for certain, you will be spoilt for choices in picking up a souvenir for the people back home as there is so much to choose from. It is a treasure trove for Shopaholics and if you have some good bargaining tricks up your sleeves, you can make a great killing! The ride back from the Jaipur to Delhi train will require you a bigger baggage space, then the time you came in if you pay a visit the main markets in the city.


Jaipur appreciates a high notoriety for the assembling of adornments and jewels. It is a standout amongst the most dynamic gem markets of the world and is acclaimed for valuable and semi-valuable stones furthermore for the cutting, polishing and setting of these stones, especially that of precious stones, topaz and emeralds. Jaipur metal work is of flawless quality. The Jaipur metal laborer is fruitful in imbuing life like appeal into the dull metal. Two sorts of work is done in Jaipur on metal viz., lacquered metal and cut metal. Jaipur is likewise acclaimed for its textiles. Sanganeri and Bagru square prints are the style planner’s furor nowadays. The Bandhej (tie and color) print is exceptionally run of the mill of the locale.


Close to the Hawa Mahal are extensive quantities of shops managing in collectibles and pseudo-collectibles. A few shops inverse Hawa Mahal stock the well known Jaipuri quilts, weighing from a couple of hundred grams to a kilogram. Mentioned underneath are some of the famous markets you can pay a visit.


Johari Bazar

This is the place you can purchase jewels and colourful sarees, two paths joining the principle street – Gopalji ka Rasta and Haldion ka Rasta house various foundations offering gems. On the fundamental street itself,  you discover numerous silversmiths. Conventional tie and color fabrics and materials are additionally accessible here.


Tripolia Bazar and Chaura Rasta

You can shop here for materials, utensils, ironware and knickknacks. On the off chance that you need to see the artisans at work, venture into the side paths and see with your own eyes.


Mirza Ismail Road (MI. Street)

The expansive lane houses countless offering an assortment of merchandise going from adornments and metal work to materials, to blue stoneware, to woodwork, and so on. These shops stock an expansive assortment of merchandise to fulfill the voyagers’ needs.