Save a Load on Your Next holiday

Overspending on a holiday, can lead to months of anxiety trying to pay off a credit card. To go on holiday without going broke, all you need is a little creativity. The travel industry is built on negotiation. It’s a time sensitive business whose products and services ‘expire’. An empty airline seat cannot be sold the next day. If you are making your cheap holiday plans at the last minute, bargain!

Choose your dates

If you decide to travel during the summer holidays, pick the latest possible dates as these dates are usually cheaper. The alternative would be to travel during half term in October. Think Morocco or Egypt as the weather in the Mediterranean can be tricky during this time of the year.IMG_4725

Use price-comparison websites

These sites can save you money, but may be distorted by companies trying to offer cheap headline prices. The prices quoted are usually minus extras so read the fine print before you make a booking.

Check Inclusive Tour fares

When you combine accommodation, flights and car hire as a package, this is called an Inclusive tour. It may be cheaper to plan your holiday in this way, rather than book everything individually.

Avoid expensive frills

Seat selection, priority boarding, text message confirmation, etc. will make your booking more expensive.

Weigh and measure your luggage

Ensure that your bags are not over the weight restrictions imposed by airlines. Excess charges can cost an arm and a leg.

Monitor the internet

Special offers and price reductions are usually circulating on the internet. Sign up for alerts and receive discounts on your flight, car hire and hotel bookings. If you book well in advance, you can receive great discounts, even during peak seasons.

Be a non-conformist

When others are flocking to the beach, think mountains, if they head to the mountains, think of going to the tropics or a rural farm stay. It may sound a little morbid, but countries that have recently experienced a disaster offer tourists great prices to tempt them back into the region.

Keep it short and sweet

A holiday doesn’t necessarily have to be a month long. Take a 48 hour break and head to a concert or an art exhibition. If you make your holiday, all inclusive, it will prevent overspending.

Curb add-on costs

A self catering holiday will save you tons of money on meals. Surf boards and camping equipment can be hired for a day saving you on baggage costs and some hotels will let kids under a certain age stay and eat for free.

Holiday together

Renting a house with some friends or as a family is much cheaper than staying at a hotel.


Volunteer holidays are an inexpensive way to experience something new while allowing you to give back to the community.

Try out the newest spots

Newly opened establishments offer great discounts to get customers in the door.