Satisfy your quest of historical places in India by visiting Aurangabad

Aurangabad is an old city in the state of Maharashtra and a popular tourist destination. It is full of stunning old monuments and heritage sites like Ghrishneshwar Temple, Pitalkhora Caves, Bani Begum Bagh, Ajanta Caves, Devgiri Fort, etc. and offers a memorable holiday experience.

Aurangabad, the “city of gates”, is one of India’s oldest cities and home to multiple monuments and references to the past. Home to the headquarters of one of the 35 districts in Maharashtra, it is a fast developing city that is now recognized as the “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra”. Its history dates back to 1610 A.D. when it was founded by Malik Ambar, who was then the Prime Minister of Murtaza. Over the course of time, the city changed hands between different rulers until it finally came under the reign of Prince Aurangzeb, when he was appointed as viceroy of the Deccan for the second time. He then changed the place’s name to Aurangabad, which evidently is derived from his own name. With the passage of time, the place got increasingly dotted with buildings and structures. Today, they not only give the place a unique old charm, but also serve as the references to the bygone era. The place is fondly called the Heritage City for the fact that there are multiple monuments, palaces, citadels, and other structures filling the entire place. Their strong presence can be easily felt as you drive through the city. The place has long been a hot tourist destination amongst the history and architecture buffs. Besides, it is also a good place to spend a memorable vacation in the midst of tranquil surroundings. If you are planning to visit the city shortly, following are some major attractions that you just cannot miss.

Ajanta Cavesajanta caves

Topping the list of favorites for many travelers the Ajanta Caves are perhaps the most visited places in the region. It is a collection of caves that are of immense archaeological significance and also carry some religious reverence. The caves have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are visited by backpackers across the globe. There are mural paintings drawn all over the cave walls. The paintings depict various events from the life of Lord Buddha and there are paintings of different Buddhist deities. Even after several centuries, the paintings have withstood the beating of weather as well as time and effectively narrate the events.

Devgiri Fortdevgiri fort

Built by Billa Raja, who had his sway over Daulatabad in late 1100s the Devgiri Fort is one of the largest and well-known sightseeing spots in the region. Its large size immediately grabs one’s attention and its architecture is simply inspiring. One of the interesting facts of the fort is that it was never conquered. It was never defeated and continued to provide a defense to the rulers throughout the entire course of time.

Ghrishneshwar Templegrineshwar temple

It is an old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was built in 18th century and about half a kilometer from Ellora Caves. It is a quiet place and frequented by tourists. The architecture is simply stunning and it is one of the best exhibits of medieval architecture in India. However, a major part of the temple was destroyed during the reign of Aurangzeb. Yet the place is worth visiting.

To summarize all, Aurangabad is an ideal destination to visit if you are an enthusiast about history and medieval architectures. It houses some of the oldest and highly significant monuments and remnants. Additionally, Hyderabad is yet another old city in south India, home to multiple old and interesting monuments, citadels, palaces, etc. Simply board a Aurangabad to Hyderabad train and get into yet another heritage city of India.