Road to Naldehra – a less taken road yet a memorable one

Naldehra is a small and quaint town in Himachal Pradesh and perfect for holidaying amidst the nature and lovely locals. Head to the not-so-popular town and spend a wonderful holiday.

What could be a better way to spend the vacation other than visiting a far off place that flourishes under the blessings of the Mother Nature and offers a refreshing respite away from the madness and noise of large cities. If you are in Delhi or some nearby city a perfect getaway of such kind is Naldehra, which is a small town set in the everlasting hills of Himachal Pradesh. Even if you are living in a city as distant as Chennai or Mumbai, still the place worth a visit as there is a certain charm to the place that simply gets you hooked to it, the moment you arrive in the town. Although, it is about just 22 km from Shimla, still it is quite an unknown town, However, that goes in favor of the place as well as the tourists visiting the place. For the tourists, there will be plenty of time as well as space to discover themselves. Plus, since there are fewer number of tourists, so you can relish the best of the genuine hospitality of the locals. However, these are just a few of the advantages of visiting Naldehra for the holidays, and needless to say, there is plenty more. Grab one of the lucrative Naldehra holiday packages, book flight/train tickets, and head on for a journey that offers experiences that will stay with you long after you have left the place.


Naldehra is very small in terms of area and there is not too much to explore or do here. However, every single moment you spend here brings you much closer to the nature. For a majority of time in a day the roads remain empty with only a few people walking up or down the road. Start your day early with the first ray of sunlight and hearing the birds chirping as if they are greeting you good morning. Eat the breakfast, put on the trekking shoes, and head out for a leisurely walk through the town. In fact, the best way to explore the place is on foot. The temperate climate will never let tiredness hit you. Plus, the scenic surroundings are more than bewitching and keep you motivated the entire time.

There are not too many options available for accommodation, but everything that is available is sufficient to offer a satisfactory stay. However, if you seek to enjoy the authentic hospitality of the town, try a homestay. The simple living locals are very friendly and more than happy to let you in their house. Spend some time with them learning their history, legends, and culture along with the sumptuous ethnic food.

One important place that you are expected to visit while you are here is the 18 hole golf course, which is the prime tourist attraction here. Situated at an altitude of 2044 meters above the sea level, it is one of the most difficult golf courses in the country but also a very beautiful one. The idea of making a golf course came from Lord Curzon, then British viceroy of the region, who is also credited for discovering the place.