Best Places to eat and Drink in Manali: A look at Restaurants and Cafes

The good thing about going to Manali is that if you happen to be a foodie, you are going to love every bit of this trip. Manali’s menu has that cosmopolitan feel to it. You will find a variety of cuisines with North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Tibetan being the most popular ones. Besides, there are some good Italian snacks on offer and in case you are game for German pastries, you would be left licking your fingers.

One of the best dining places is ‘The Zing Zing Bar & Restaurant’. It basically caters to a glutton’s elephantine appetite for Indian and Chinese. Besides, the restaurant also doubles up as a bar and helps you to drown your tummies with copious amounts of beers and rums. To feast on the items of this restaurant, you would need to head to the locality called Model Town.

Another great place for eating out in Manali is the ‘Chopsticks’. As the name goes, it is a special favorite amongst Chinese lovers. Besides, the restaurant is also noted for serving some finger-licking intercontinental dishes. You can find this place in the Manali Mall. When you are shopping or just looking around the mall and develop this urge to put something in your mouth, ‘Chopsticks’ will find you on its own.

Then there is ‘Lazy Dog’ whose biggest USP is its ambience and décor. However, since it serves a variety of cuisines, it can be a good choice for an evening meal or supper.

In case you are in the mood to dig into something Tibetan, you may love to try the ‘Mount View Restaurant’. We would say that this place is good for a brunch or a supper, though you may also try to slip in during the lunch hours. The restaurant also serves Japanese and Chinese dishes and its friendly location in Manali Mall makes it a popular place for eating out in Manali. The good thing about buying Manali package is that if you happen to be a foodie.

If you want to explore more Indian options, then we would recommend the ‘Raj Rasoi’ restaurant. You can run through all the popular items of Gujarat, Punjab and South India at this eatery. In keeping up with the popularity, the restaurant also serves you Chinese.

Nothing beats the charm of a steaming cup of coffee in a hill station. Manali sure has some reputed cafes like the Bob Dylan’s Café, Moon Dance and Shiva Café. We would say try to visit all of them one by one.

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