Best reasons to visit Diu

A large number of backpackers from Gujarat and other places in India, frequent Diu to enjoy a perfect holiday. Interesting things like angling, tourism, alcohol and salt industry, are worth exploring here. The island has numerous tourist spots to visit. It additionally has a suitable atmosphere to visit all around the year.

The island of Diu is a matchless creation of god and is associated with the “Three S” – sun, sand and sea. The Diu island sits on the southern tip of the Kathiawad peninsula with the Arabian Sea encasing it. It is acclaimed for its excellent shorelines and mesmerizing natural wealth. The island is a little one and spreads over a 39 sq. Km of area. It has a shoreline of 21 km and isolated from the coast by a slender entry.

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Geographically, the northern side of the island is facing Gujarat, and has marshy, salt plains visited by frequent tides at regular time interval. On the other hand, the southern tip has cliffs made up of limestone, rough bays, and sandy shorelines. Diu had been under the rule of numerous rulers since a long time and has been a part of numerous kingdoms amid the ancient and medieval era.

The island has fantastic beaches, weathered churches, grandiose fortifications, vivid lanes and an ideal atmosphere to offer a wonderful experience to the backpackers coming to the borders of the place. One can likewise appreciate the tasty fish and cheap alcohol, which are easily accessible here. The colonial buildings and landmarks, the brilliant shaded sand shorelines, blue sea, untainted surroundings, and friendly locals, make Diu an immaculate getaway for all ages.

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Once you reach Diu with exploring Diu tourism in your mind, make sure you visit St Jerome Fort. This enormous fortress is fondly called the Nani Daman Fort. The most prominent part of this spot is its impressive gateway which faces a river flowing nearby. There is a huge statue of St. Jerome inside the fortress premise. The complex contains different attractions in particular the Jain temple and the congregation of Our Lady of the Sea . The post overall offers a wonderful perspective of the fish market underneath and the hustle-clamor that joins it.

After visiting St Jerome Fort, you could visit St. Paul Church. The church is dedicated to Lady of Immaculate Conception and a highly revered one. The development of the congregation took nine long years, that is from 1601 to 1610. The congregation like various different landmarks in the city echoes the fine Portuguese style of architecture, which is simply stunning. The structure has a beautiful portico, which is flawlessly enlightened by different colored lights. The walls and the roof of the congregation have been cut skillfully and adorned with grand woodwork and motifs, entrancing you with its lovely creativity.

Diu is perfect for unwinding and the best example is the Mirasol Lake Garden. It is a man-made wonder, which serves as one of a mainstream tourist attractions in the region. Encompassed by a delightful lake and a bridge linking two islands, the spot is extremely quiet and serene. Boat rides and fountains add to the magnificence of this beguiling patio nursery. The greenery enclosure additionally has facilities for different exercises like computer games and toy train for children, etc., which makes it a favourite hotspot for picnickers.