Radisson Blu Hotel MBD: One of the best-bet 5 Star hotels in Ludhiana

Although not seen as a popular tourist destination, Ludhiana certainly is one good city to spend the holidays. In fact, since the city doesn’t see a large number of tourists, so being the city means an excellent opportunity to best experience the city’s tourism to the fullest; the way you desire.

When one is in the exploration of the city’s tourism, there is a plenty of time as well as space for him to enjoy, what the city has to offer. One could take this rewarding opportunity to caress themselves whilst shopping, relishing massage, dining at the finest restaurants. Or, one can head to the amusement parks and spend their day while being a child again. For the lovers of wine and alcohol, well the city houses some of the best bars and clubs in the nation. Simply head to any of the top bars in the city and drink in the premium alcohol or aged wines at dim surroundings with soothing music.radison blue ludhiana

The city is simply the utopia for any holiday goer and families. While you explore the city, make sure that you visit the Gurdwaras and spend some time worshipping the almighty. Also, do head to dhabas and feast on the delicious Punjabi food. And, to digest it drink-in a cool tall glass of Lassi, made sweet or sour as per your choice. The aforementioned are just a few attractions of city’s tourism, and there is more awaiting. Simply, take the help of a trusted Ludhiana travel guide to best enjoy your tour of the city.

For the travelers who like to bring some souvenirs with them, can check out the local markets. There is not much options available, but one can certainly buy phulkari dupatta’s and Punjabi Jutti’s. Besides, the religious content also makes a good choice for souvenirs.radison blue hotel


Being a major center of business, administration, and education, the city is receiving a considerable wave of visitors. Irrespective of the purpose of the visit, the hotels in Ludhiana, serves every guest with utter importance, care, and warmth. Today, there is no dearth of hotels in the city. There are hotels of all types and ranges, from cheap hotels to luxury hotels, and from 1 Star hotels to 5 Star hotels. For the visitors who seek luxury in everything, including accommodation, the 5 Star hotels are the best options. Following is a brief outline of hotel Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana, which is one of the finest accommodation options in the city.radisson blue

About Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana:
In a nutshell, the Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana is one of the best 5 Star hotels in Ludhiana. The location of the hotel is convenient and can be easily accessed from the railway station and the airport. With its excellent array of state-of-art amenities the hotel is suitable for both business and leisure travelers. Each room is tastefully designed and ensure of a comfortable-relaxed stay. Categorized into 3 groups, the hotel rooms and suites are replete of all in-room conveniences. A noteworthy attribute of the hotel is it offers three excellent dining options to the guests. Besides, the hotel also features business center, travel desk, airport/train transfer, meeting room, bar, and swimming pool etc.

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