10 Breathtaking Places In Italy

Italy, which is in southern Europe, is among the most popular destinations in the world for various reasons such as top class cuisine, art treasures, passionate people, stunning landscapes and trendy fashion. You would take many years to explore this boot-shaped country because it offers so much for you to do and see. The following is an overview of its 10 breathtaking places that you should visit.

1. Genoa


Although the popularity of world-renowned cities such as Venice and Rome sometimes overshadow Genoa, it is nevertheless among the true hidden gems of Italy. It is a classic Italian city that is situated amid rolling hills that have houses of pastel colors as well as terra cotta roofs that are all mixed in with the most stunning crumbling Roman ruins, churches, Baroque palaces and hanging gardens. The historic center, which has narrow and winding streets that have surprising gems at all turns, is the shining crown of this city.

2. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, which means “Five Lands,” comprises the Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Vernazza and Manarola villages. These five Cinque Terre villages, which are located in the northwestern coastal Liguria region of Italy, feature some of the most beautiful landscapes of this country such as wine terraces and steep cliff sides that date back to many years.

3. Pisa

This city, which is located along River Arno that is in the northwestern region, in Tuscany, still features the striking remnants that it had in the former golden days when it was a commercial empire in the Middle Ages. It has a lot more attractions that are worth visiting even though it is renowned for the famous Leaning Tower that it features.

4. Siena

Siena, which is established on three hills in the central part of Tuscany, has a horse racing tradition that is referred to as I1Palio and well-preserved historic center that allow tourists to step back and learn about the Middle Ages. Siena, which is a historic city, still has most of its stunning architecture and art from that period and therefore, it is among the most popular places that you should visit in Italy.

5. Naples


Naples, which is among the busiest metropolitan cities in Italy, is the Campania region capital This city has a vibrant atmosphere of nightlife venues, restaurants and shops as well as a treasure trove of historic sites and art works. Many popular Italian foods like parmigiana, spaghetti and pizza originated from here. These dishes usually feature fresh ingredients that are grown locally and therefore, they are taken very seriously in this city.

6. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, which is situated in the southwestern region of Italy known as Campania, is among the top tourist destinations in this country because it has extraordinary beauty. This coast stretches 30 miles along the Sorrento Peninsula and hence, many tourists love it because it features a picturesque coastline that has ritzy resorts, shimmering bays, multicolored villas, lemon tree gardens, and craggy cliffs.

7. Rome

Rome, which was once the capital city of the Roman Empire, is nowadays the capital city and government seat of Italy. This city, which is located in the central part of Lazio, is not only complex and vast, but it is both modern and historical. This city, which is famous for housing the Vatican City and ancient Roman structures, has endured for over 2,500 years as a crucial center for religion, power and culture.

8. Milan

Milan, which was almost destroyed by the heavy bombing that occurred during the Second World War, has since undergone reconstruction and is nowadays among the wealthiest European cities. This city, which many people consider a mega fashion center that teams in designer shops is also a major attraction to many because it still has its surviving world-renowned treasures such as the painting of Leonardo da Vinci, the Castello Sforzesco, Scala Opera House, The Last Supper and one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world.

9. Venice


Venice is among the best places that you should visit because it is a unique city that is built on a lagoon that is surrounded by the famous Adriatic Sea. This city, which is in northeastern Italy, is an archipelago that comprises of 118 islands that are all connected by numerous scenic canals and beautiful bridges. The Grand Canal, which divides Venice into two sections, is the most famous of all the canals. Venice is one of the world’s most romantic cities because it has historic architecture and picturesque waterways.

10. Florence

Florence, which is the capital city of Tuscany, has a mass of architectural and art treasures. Hence, many people usually describe it as a colossal outdoor museum. You can find the hoard of art masterpieces of Florence all over within the internationally reputable art galleries such as the Pitti and Ufizzi Palace, stunning churches such as Santa Maria Fiore and the various museums.

The aforementioned places make Italy among the world’s most visited countries. Hence, if you are looking for a travel destination for your upcoming holiday, it is your perfect choice because you do not need to get a UK drivers licence in order to visit it.