A Tour Into The Picturesque Locales Of Thekkady

In case you’re searching for a great spot to spend a memorable holiday, then the lavish green areas and beautiful lakes of Thekkady is just the right destination you should to take off to. Albeit, whole of Kerala is filled with the best natural marvels such as backwaters and sun-kissed shorelines, Thekkady shows up as fantastic location for touring and having a casual break from a tough work week. Lets know more about the best places to visit in Thekkady.

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With a rich green spread and beautiful lakes, an outing to Thekkady is without a doubt a stunning experience. Situated in the Idukki district of Kerala, Thekkady is one of those few spots where you’d like to go over and over again. Offering grand varieties of vegetation to explore, there are some truly awesome attractions in the area to look for. There are several Thekkady tour packages that you can avail from your tour operator for a fun filled outing.

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In case you’re an impassioned supporter of a developing wildlife, an outing to Thekkady will convey you closer to the sub-tropical evergreen forests and herds of elephants, wild bison, pigs and even rare species of wild felines. Situated between the outskirts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, an outing to Thekkady will offer an extraordinary time with your family and companions.

Beginning with a tour of the untamed forests, there are bunches of activities to become a part of. A heaven for bird watchers, you can discover some of the rarest migratory winged creatures and even try your hands on capturing an amazing shot of these birds. Even the towns situated on the edges offer some of the best cultural encounters to look for. Here are some of the best places to visit in the town of Thekkady.

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Kumily Thekkady effectively entrances with its calm surroundings and beautiful farmland, which compensate for a tranquil holiday. Situated about 4km from the main city of Idukki, Kumily is prevalent for its spice plantations and tea estates. This makes spice trade as one of the biggest business in the state of Kerala, a huge portion of which is even delivered to European markets as well. The green, beautiful scene of Kumily is a fun spot to learn, particularly if you have kids with you.

Periyar Tiger Reserve This wildlife sanctuary is a leading attraction in Thekkady tourism and also in the southern part of the nation. The sanctuary is located on the banks Periyar river and is an incredible spot to appreciate the diverse untamed wildlife. Home to the mighty big cats like tigers, you can also enjoy the sightings of wild elephants playing with their group in the streams. You can go for boat rides in the waterways and have an astonishing view of the locale.

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Mangala Devi Temple One of the most prominent tourist destinations in the state of Kerala, the Mangala Devi Temple is situated inside of the limits of the well known Periyar Tiger Reserve. Built in honor of the Mangaladevi, also known as Kannaki.

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