Feels Like Paradise on Earth in the Form of Kashmir

Kashmir, the Paradise on Earth is a gift to your tired mind and stressed heart. Nature is in its full bloom here, encircled with snow Cladded Mountains and carpeted with lush green valleys.

Vacation On Waters- The Delightful Dal Lake

dal lake kashmir

The Dal Lake is the lifeline of Kashmir. Almost all tourists prefer staying at the elegant houseboats floating over this lake. These well decorated wooden structures offer a lavish staying experience; you wake up to a surreal sunrise, reflecting its aura over the waters and bid goodbye to the day enjoying a mesmerizing sunset, painting the waters with different colours. The ‘shikaras’ floating over the water sell flowers, fruits and other items throughout the day, exhibiting a unique market over the waters.

Home Stay At The Lovely Ladakh

homestay at ladakh

Ladakh is breathtakingly beautiful, located at a height of 9800 feet, nestled between the Great Himalayas and the Kunlun mountain range. The warm hearted locals of Ladakh offer you cosy shelters at their home. Home stays are wonderful as you can experience the lifestyle of the people living at such heights, almost isolated from the rest of the world.

While the nature plays with the colours of the brackish waters of Pangong Lake, the Nubra Valley offers you fun filled camel rides. Besides the blissful nature and lush greenery of the Zanskar Valley and the spectacular confluence of the Indus and Zanskar River, Ladakh is a pilgrimage for peace lovers. Some of the historic Buddhist monasteries like the Tsomo Gompa, Shanti Stupa, Hemis Gompa, Thiksey Monastery are located at this snow land. These monasteries are not only some of the best places in Ladakh to seek solace but also are treasure houses of ancient scriptures and relics associated with Buddhism.

An Exhilarating Trip To The Hemis National Park

hemis national park

Hemis National Park, one of the largest national parks of the Indian subcontinent is a must visit to check out some of the endangered wildlife species, like the Eurasian Brown Bear, Asiatic Ibex and the snow leopard. It is also a natural habitat for the Tibetan wolf, Himalayan mouse hare and the Himalayan marmot. Avian life exists at this forest of Alpine and Pine in the form of a golden eagle, Himalayan vulture, fire fronted serin and Himalayan snow cock.

A Divine Tour To Vaishno Devi And Amarnath

amarnath and vaishno devi

Kashmir is the abode of God, as the cave temples of Vaishno Devi and Amarnath are located here. Lying at the laps of the Trikuta Mountains, the Vaishno Devi temple is visited by numerous tourists to fulfil their wishes and offer their prayers to the incarnation of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Prayers come out from the deep core of the hearts at the tranquil atmosphere of Kashmir.

The 5000 years old Amarnath cave is your next destination. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this cave temple is a miracle of nature; here the massive ice Shiva lingum is formed automatically and also melts by itself as per the phases of moon. There are other two ice lingams here, worshipped as Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha. Fairs are held every year at Pahalgaon during the full moon of July/ August when the Amarnath Yatra resumes. The celestial atmosphere of the place lets you forget the entire struggle that you took to reach the cave shrines.

The Exquisite Beauty Of Srinagar

beauty of srinagar

The winter capital of Kashmir beckons you with her fine gardens and architectural amazements. While the Shalimar Bagh and Chasme Shahi narrates the glorious Mughal rule with numerous fountains, canals, bright flowers and polished stone steps, the palatial palace of Gulab Bhavan is a transformed luxury hotel.

Hence, be at Kashmir to feel the heaven on earth.