Panchgani – an opportunity to spend a memorable holiday surrounded by nature

Located in the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra, Panchgani is a beautiful, tranquil hill station filled with nature, amazing vantage points, and welcoming locals. Visit the quaint city for a relaxing vacation and pick from the best hotels in Panchgani.

Panchgani is a beautiful small city in the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the state of Maharashtra. It is a municipal council in the Satara district and is popular as a hill-station blessed with nature in abundance. It also finds fame for being a significant educational hub in the region. There are a number of premier residential educational institutions of world repute that are improving education scenario in the region.

Panchgani takes its name on the reference of its geographical fact. The city is nestled at the centre of five majestic hills and comprises of five different villages. The city is neighbored by some highly illustrated towns and destinations including Wai, Gureghar, Rajpuri, and Khingar. The Krishna river (a mythological Hindu river) flows nearby. It also forms a lake which is created because of the Dhom Dam, situated to the north of the city. The altitude of the town is about 1334 meters above the sea level and the climate is pleasant almost throughout the year. During winter the temperature is about 12 degree C. Summer days are sometimes hot with temperature reaching 34 degree C, otherwise the weather is quite pleasant. Monsoon brings heavy rainfalls, cleansing and refreshing the entire environment. Atop of the five hills that surround the city, is a volcanic plateau called “Table Land”. It is a popular tourist spot and is Asia’s second highest volcanic plateau.

The city was discovered by the British in the 1800. John Chesson, a British superintendent laid the foundation of the city. Assigned with the task to transform the city into a summer resort, he was sent here, and is thus regarded as the “Founder of Panchgani”. He brought many species of plants from the west to Panchgani, which include poinsettia and silver oak. He put-forth a number of endeavors to develop the nameless town into a beautiful hill resort. After his death he was buried in the graveyard of the St. Peter’s Church.

Today, Panchgani is a major tourist haunt. The enchanting natural beauty and the tranquil surroundings bewitch backpackers from all over India to the city. It is primarily flocked by nature-lovers, photographers, and honeymooners. A couple of most significant places to visit in Panchgani include: Parsi Point, Sydney Point, Mapro Garden. Table Land, and Devil’s Kitchen. It is believed that when the Pandavas were serving their exile they visited the town; the place where the stayed is today known as Devil’s kitchen. The place houses a cave called Pandavgad Caves which is believed to be built by them.

Panchgani is still very much unspoiled and untouched by modernization. It still awaits urbanization. But, there is no shortage of hotels in Panchgani. Being a popular tourist destination there are many hotels, guesthouses, and hostels. The nearest airport is about 98 k.m. away in Pune. The city houses a railway station. Besides, the other nearest railway station is at Wathar which is 45 k.m. away. Taxis and cabs are available at the city’s main market.