Must Visit Places in Jaipur

Established in the year, the vibrant capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is known to be one of the first planned cities of India. The city derives its name from the famous ruler Sawai Jaisingh II who has a great hand in planning the city. With having almost all the houses painted pink, red monuments and much more red sandstone monuments, Jaipur is referred to as the Pink City of India. The city displays its magnificent past, charming traditions, bellicose history and architectural elegance in its every nook and corner. If you are into more of history and love to visit historic cities, then visiting Jaipur can be an interesting experience for you. For the first time visitors, we have mentioned some of the popular tourist attractions which you must visit while you are in Jaipur.

City Palace

Located at Chokri Shahad, City Palace is a huge complex that truly symbolizes the richness of the royal family of Jaipur. The palace with gardens, large courtyards, and buildings represents an amazing blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. Some of the major highlights of the Palace are “the Peacock Gate” that is elegantly carved. At present, the royal family resides in the charming Chandra Mahal (Moon Palace) bordering the courtyard. Besides getting amused with the charm of this palace, you can visit the museum and art gallery which displays royal costumes and ancient weapons.

Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds)

Right next to the City Palace is the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds) to which you can take an entry from the rear of the building. A major landmark of the Pink City – Jaipur, this monument has an intricate and fascinating façade. This architecture was established in the year 1799 and has five floors which consist of rows of small windows and screens. As per legend, this palace was built in such a way so that the women of the royal household could see the main street of the lively Old City without being observed. However, you can enjoy a pictorial view of the old city from the top of the palace. Enjoy exciting visit to this marvelous monument by booking any package on

Jantar Mantar Observatory

Another famous attraction near the City Palace in Jaipur is the Jantar Mantar Observatory. This brilliant observatory, Jantar Mantar was built by King Jai Singh II (between 1727 and 1734) and literally means “the calculation instrument”. Apart from the interesting collection of figures, each and every structure at the captivating Jantar Mantar observatory has a specialized astronomical function. There are a total of 14 structures on site, which predict eclipses, measure time, and track stars. The most remarkable structure is the gigantic Samrat Yantra sundial with a height of 90 feet (27 meters), which has a shadow that moves approximately the width of a person’s hand every minute.

Amber Fort and Palace

Located around 11 KM in north of Jaipur, it is set on hilltop overlooking Maota Lake is the Amber Fort and Palace. This massive fort was the original residence of Rajput royalty until the Jaipur city was established. The fort contains a number of breathtaking palaces, gardens, halls, and temples. The intricate mirror work adds to the grandeur of this palace’s magnificent. One can reach up to here by walking up the hill, taking a lurching elephant ride or going on a jeep. If time permits, you can enjoy the specially organized sound and light show, which elaborates the magnificent history of Amber Fort. Apart from these, visiting the Nahargarh Fort and shopping the famous streets of Jaipur are some of the other popular things you must try while being here.