Must visit places in Italy

Italy is one of the popular destinations in the world among people for holiday and also for honey moon. The main reason why people choose Italy for their holiday is because of the beautiful landscape, art treasure, top class cuisine, and also passionate people. There are many places in Italy to visit and those places should never be missed by the people. Italy is the place where it takes a lifetime to explore, but you can explore it easier with your car through the help of DVLA helpline. The places which are mentioned below should never be missed to visit in Italy.

Genoa genoa italy tour

This place is a hidden gem in Italy where the houses in this place will be of pastel color and also terra cotta roofs. Genoa is one of the classic Italian city and the main attractions of this place are the gardens, churches, baroque places, and the roman ruins. Apart from these another main and popular attraction of this place is the historic centre.venice-canal-lrg


Naples is the capital for the Campania region that is located in the southern part of Italy and is one of the busiest metropolitan cities. This city is famous for the shops, art works, and night life and also for the restaurants. These attractions make people to visit this place often. Pizza, spaghetti is the foods that are originated from this city and these foods will be very fresh as they are prepared by high quality ingredients.

Siena siena italy

People visiting to this place will go back to the middle age because of the historic centres that are present in this place. The historic centres preserve all kind of old and stunning works of art and also architecture which are in the middle age period. One of the main attractions in Siena is the horse racing which known as II Palio.

Cinque Terre cinque terre

The meaning of this place is “five lands” that is this place is comprised of five villages which are Riomaggiore, Vernazze, Manarola, corniglia, and Monterosso. Cinque Terre is located to the north western region of Liguria and the place is famous for the landscapes like steep cliff sides and also for the wine terraces

Amalfi coast amalfi coast italy

This place is located in the south western region of Italy and is one of the popular tourist destinations among people because of the beauty of the place. Amalfi coast is very famous for the beautiful coastline which has lemon tree gardens, shimmering bays, craggy cliffs and lot more. There are also many resorts nearby the coast and so there is no need to worry about the accommodation in this place.

Venice venice italy tour

This place is a unique city in Italy because it is built on a lagoon and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. Venice is the home for 118 islands which are connected to each other by many bridges and also canals. Among many canals in this place, the Grand Canal is the popular one which is because it divides the city in two different sections.

These places in Italy should never be missed and should be visited by each and every people who are coming to Italy for their holiday or for their honey moon. DVLA helpline is ready to help you at any time in exploring the enchanting Italy with your car.