Must Visit Destinations in Spain

Spain is renowned as one of the top tourist destinations across the world. Situated in south west Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, this country attracts a large number of tourists from all around the world. Be it spring, summer, winter or autumn, every season brings a reason for celebration in this vibrant country. In fact, it is the cultural heritage of this country that allures the tourists to come and visit this wonderful country again and again. Spain has a large number of attractive destinations and tourist attractions, which include pleasant climate, sun-kissed beaches, historical and cultural monuments, white villages and medieval castles. If you are planning a trip to Spain and wondering which places you should visit, then leaf through this write-up!




It is a Balearic Island, located in the Mediterranean Sea right off the Spanish coast. The beautiful city of Ibiza is renowned to be a famous party destination in Europe. At the summer season when the sun rises and beaches come alive, the population of Ibiza gets double due to the visitors who come here to enjoy the beach bars, restaurants and amazing nightlife. In addition, several DJs and producers come to this glorious island to play in various clubs on their way to other international destinations across the globe. In short, we can say that Ibiza is an island is known worldwide as a cultural center for various genres of music such as electronic dance, trance, techno and house.



Alhambra spain

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This place is somewhat a garden cum fortress cum palace, situated on a plateau that overlooks Granada. Granada is a charming city that is positioned at southern Spain. According to the history, this outstanding palace was constructed by ‘the Nasrid Sultans’ in the 14th century. However, presently this architectural marvel displays the 16th century buildings jointly with the Arab / Islamic architecture of Spain. This stunning monument is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been an inspiration for many local songs and stories.


La Concha

la concha spain

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This place is referred as the best city beaches not only in Spain, but also in the whole Europe. La Concha is located in San Sebastian and prevented from the strong winds by steep cliffs, islands and lush forests. Visitors coming to this beach location get to experience the fun of a number of water sports such as surfing, scuba diving and water polo. Offering much of fun, La Concha is a perfect family vacation spot enjoying beach activities, great restaurants (serving appetizing cuisine) and evening leisurely walks.



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Cuenca is a medieval city in Spain, which is located amidst the cities of Valencia and Madrid. This captivating city is constructed on the steep sides of a mountain and has a large number of “hanging houses”, which reach the edges of the cliff. Besides the hanging houses, this city is studded with a number of iconic attractions such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Grace, Bridge of Saint Paul, Mangana Tower, Church of Saint Peter and Saint Julian. Cueca city boasts of several parks and museums that you can visit all the time.