Mumbai – The highlight of the tour to Western India

Mumbai is one place that can be approached from any place you wish. It is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the country and this article talks about why you should take the Surat to Mumbai train if you are planning a tour to west India instead of taking the train from Goa.

mumbai amazing tour

In the event that you are planning a trip to the ‘city of dreams’, everything ought to be very much arranged with regards to your trip and each plausibility should be paid special mind to getting the best out of your trip. The city is very much connected to various places in the nation and other metropolitan urban communities around the globe through. If you intend to tour the entire western region of India, it is best you start your tour from Gujarat, and make your way down to Maharashtra and then finally Goa. You can get on the Surat to Mumbai train to make your way into Maharashtra and then further branch out to Pune and explore the hill stations nearby.

It is recommended to travel Gujarat first as visiting Mumbai and Goa at the start will make your touring kick off with a too upbeat and high note that you will be bored to dead by the time you reach Gujarat and you will have nothing to do. For cool minded people and laid back people, Gujarat will be a struggle as meat and booze is scarce in the whole state. If you start off with Gujarat, you can slowly enjoy and grasp the rich culture and tradition of the Gujaratis and will not think too much of being bored as at the back of the mind there is always Mumbai and Goa reserved for the fun part. However, if your pool of motivation is drained, there is no point anymore isn’t it?

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Mumbai tourism offers some lovely touring landmarks and areas showing a blend of customary and in addition present day style engineering. The tourism industry is a flourishing sector in the Government and has always been. It is one flimsy city that draws crowds of all age groups all throughout the year. Mumbai is also home to some of the most extravagant dining and luxurious stays India has to bring to the table, making it one of the top place you can splurge and live life king sized for a few days and spend the money you earned to pamper yourself. There are also mid-ranged hotels where one can enjoy a comfortable stay with all the facilities necessary to make your stay a comfortable one like wi-fi, chauffeur to pick and drop you from the airport, hotels with bars and even swimming pools.

Booking your tickets and stay prior your trip or simply get a tour package where the travel companies help you to adhere to an arranged get-away. When you book ahead of time, you get the chance to browse a substantial assortment of alternatives in destinations, transportation and inns and also avoid paying extra due to peak time surge or also get a discount if lucky. While booking a tour package, all you need to give them are the theme of your travel, days you wish to spend, your budget preference and they will design the perfect package for you and if it fits your liking and budget you can straight away make an online payment for the booking.