Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and with this tag it has invited a large number of tourists from within India and from abroad. The city has a rich past and a magnificent present, which should not be missed at all and we tell you here that how you can get the best glimpses of it by touring these top five places while on a one day sightseeing tour!gatway of india

Gateway of India: The Gateway of India as the name suggests was constructed as the great doorway to India for the welcoming of British royalty here. Constructed in Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, this grand arch is the signature stop at a Mumbai city tour. This is a tourist spot flocked daily by local residents and travelers. One is sure to be awe-struck with its grandeur. The popularity of gateway of India is such that many a times it is referred to as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai.elephanta caves mumbai

Elephanta caves: These cave clusters (comprising Hindu and Buddhist caves) are situated on the Elephanta Island lying in Mumbai Harbour and hence their name. Recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, these caves have great cultural and historical importance attached to them. A fifty minute ferry conveys people from the Gateway of India till here. The most impressive feature of the caves is the Trimurti carving (20 ft high) depicting the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. As a tourist destination these hold a great deal of significance for Mumbai city.  Prince of Wales Museum mumbai

Prince of Wales Museum: Also known by the name “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, this museum is known for its extensive collection of artifacts dating back to the Indus Valley civilization and also from the early dynasties like Guptas, Mauryas, Chalukyas etc. The name Prince of Wales Museum was given to it because it was built to mark the visit of the then Prince of Wales. Situated nearby the Gateway of India, this museum has been updated many a times and also is well maintained for it caters to historians, archaeologists, research scholars and many other inquisitive visitors.mumbai beaches

Juhu and Marine Drive, Chowpatty beaches: Both of these places are perfect ones to relax and unwind in the evening after an extended Mumbai city tour. These beaches look splendid during sunset time and are hence a perfect haunt for ‘much in love’ couples. Also the ones who always are on a lookout for some culinary adventures can try out the street food at the small time joints over here.  dhobi ghat mumbai

Dhobhi Ghat: One more interesting place to visit to get the taste of India is the Mahalakshmi Dhobhi Ghat. Just known as Dhobhi Ghat popularly, this is the world’s largest open air laundry where local washer-men (known as Dhobhi in Hindi) do commercial and household laundry manually. This is a very famous tourist attraction, especially for the foreign tourists as they get to see a completely different version of commercial laundry.