A mesmerizing trip to the religious city of Mathura

Known as the birth land of Lord Krishna, the city of Mathura holds a high rank amongst the Hindu devotees and pilgrims. Mathura has also been mentioned in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. Owing to its religious prevalence Mathura has various temples and pilgrim spots that bring thousands of people there. If you are from Surat and want to experience a religious enlightenment then Mathura is the place for you.

Here are some places you must visit while in Mathura.

Dwarkadhish Temple:

A relatively new sanctuary in the old city of Mathura, the Temple was built around 150 years back. The sanctuary is known for its astounding swing festival toward the begin of the storms in this locale. The Lord Krishna portrayed in the idol here is in his “Ruler of Dwarka’ shape and is depicted without the feather and the flute.


Radha Kund:

The town is thought to be a noteworthy traveler spot for the hindus in India and is known as the spot where Lord Krishna downed a Demon Bull. The pool of the Radha Kund is said to be framed by Lord Krishna who hit the earth and the water rose at the spot. It is considered as the purest and the different pilgrims visit the spot in a huge number of numbers.


Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir:

Known not the origin of the Hindu divinity Lord Krishna who was the eighth incarnation of the god Lord Vishnu. The god was said to be conceived in a jail cell and the accurate area of the jail cell is currently involved by a sanctuary that is frequented by a large number of visitors every year. You should visit Mathura amid the festivals of  Holi and Janmashtami as the merriments are at their prime.


Kans Qila:

The Qila was named after god Krishna’s maternal uncle and built by Raja Mansingh I of Jaipur. Raja Mansingh was also included as the Navratnas of the Mughal sovereign Akbar. The fortress is inherent an exceptional Hindu and Mughal styled design close to the banks the Yamuna River.


Govardhan Hill:

Situated close to the Vrindavan it is one of the real pilgrim spots for the Vaishnavites. The slope is mentioned in the old writings of the Hindus and was once lifted by ruler Krishna to thrash Indra the divine force of Rain and thunder in Hindu Mythology. The story identified with the legend of this pilgrim spot is entirely intriguing and will lead you to explore more about the Hindu mythology.


Kusum Sarovar:

The sarovar gets the name from Krishna’s renowned consorts Radha, who used meet Lord Krishna close to the tank. The repository has a quiet and peaceful ambiance and can be utilized by guests for a swim. The significant fascination here is the night Aarti which has to be attended  and is regularly shot by the photographers.

With so many religious places to visit in Mathura, be ready to get a feel of attaining nirvana. Pack your bags hop on to Surat to Mathura train and come here for an holistic experience.