Mahabalipuram – The perfect weekend getaway from the city of Chennai

Mahabalipuram makes into the top five lists of every weekend getaways or any other getaway from the city of Chennai. With numerous places to see and visit to be  relaxing on the beach to watch the sunset by evening, this place surely makes you feel totally relaxed and happy.

Set in the state of Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India. Its pristine beauty is also one of the main reasons which makes it a much loved weekend getaway destination. Earlier known as ‘the Land of Bali’. This beautiful place with beaches is set at a distance of 55 kms from the city of Chennai making it a perfect getaway from the city. It takes less than 2 hours of travelling time by a Chennai to Mahabalipuram taxi. You can get into doing many things during your visit to this beautiful place, some of which are mentioned below.

beach temple mahabalipuram

Beach Temples

One of the biggest tourist attractions of Mahabalipuram is because of the delight and fascination acquired by the excellent shoreline sanctuaries. The solid rock cuttings, little sanctuaries attacked by the wars and times keeps the voyagers streaming into the pioneer place. A portion of the sanctuaries around that are of significance to the spot are the Kailasanatha sanctuary, Sri Varadaraja sanctuary and Sri Vaikunta Perumal sanctuary which delineates the tolerance, diligent work and the aptitudes of the craftsman enormity of the time

arjuna penance

Arjuna’s Penance

The world’s biggest rock canvas measures up to 27m in stature and 9m in width holds the pride of Mahabalipuram. The whale formed rock contains figures of Gods and Demigods, monsters, winged animals and indeed speaks to the whole formation of the god-like. It has beautiful carvings in stone and the intricate detailing of the carvings making it a breathtaking sight.

tigers cave mahabalipuram

Tiger’s Cave

The Tiger’s cave lying 4 km toward the north of the primary landmark complex was an outside theater where social projects were held. The caverns are extremely close to the shoreline yet tranquil and serene air wins there.

five rathas mahabalipuram

Five Rathas

The five Monolithic sanctuaries worked in various styles and structures are known as the Pancha Pandava Rathas. Among them four are accepted to be made out from a vast single rock.

Mahabalipuram is a delightful visit for any traveller. It was at one time in the past the capital of the Pallava Dynasty. We can also see its rich past in the monuments spread across the town. The moment you begin to enter Mahabalipuram from your Chennai to Mahabalipuram taxi, you will begin to see a horde of ancient temples and stone carvings spread across town.