Mahabaleshwar, an excellent destination for a tranquil-relaxing holiday

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Situated not too far from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful town that fascinates the tourists and nature-buffs to make a visit of the town. Located about 220km from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is rather much closer to Pune, which is 120 km away. The place is a tranquil-pretty little town that was established as the health resort for the British during the British Raj. The town was brought into notice by Sir John ‘Boy’ Malclom, when he was posted in the region. The British had a major role in discovering and then taking the town to its glory. Many of the tourist points, particularly the lookout points were discovered by British personnel and hence were named after them. During the summers when the mercury started to rise up, the town got flocked by British troops and admirals, making it a popular summer resort. mahabaleshwar tour

The town still preserves its natural heritage, which is among of the few evergreen forests of the nation. These forests fall under the Satara district in Maharashtra and are perfect for trekking, hitchhiking, and jungle adventures. Mahabaleshwar, even when its surrounding cities are getting consumed by modernization and the reckless constructions, still is very much unspoiled and unpolluted. Clear air and clean water still enrich the town, with the climate remaining mild and pleasant almost year-long. Vast and diverse landscape defines the town. The town is a vast plateau (150 sq. km in area) that is densely capped by thick-everlasting forests, valley, meadows, waterfall, and different rock formations.waterfall in mahabaleshwar

The time after the monsoon is considered to be ideal for a tour of the town. During this time period the whole surrounding becomes fresh and replete with life. The Pune airport is the nearest and ideal option for the tourists to consider, in order to reach Mahabaleshwar. However, the Mumbai International Airport and the Nashik Airport are also good options to reach the town. Other than these, there are multiple government-run and privately owned buses running between Mahabaleshwar and nearby town and cities.

For the travelers who have been to the town, it is simply amongst the most tranquil and scenic places that they have been to. There are plenty of rewarding opportunities to relish when in the town. With the advent of eco-tourism the town today finds its place in most popular tourist destinations in India. A couple of places in the town that are not to be missed include:mahabaleshwar travel

Lingamala Falls, Rosamond Rock, Castle Rock, Fitzgerald Point, Kate’s Point, Elephant’s head Point, Arthur’s Seat, Helen’s Point, Lodwick Point, Connaught Peak, Babington Point, and Bombay Point. If one is in this region of the nation, the town is a must visit. It is a perfect destination for a sojourn trip. Getting into the town and the unravelling all the attractions of it, will not take much of your time. The good thing is, all sorts of lodging options are available in the town. Starting from the tourist lodges to luxury replete 4 Star hotels in Mahabaleshwar, a tourist has plenty of options to select in mahabaleshwar
Most of the accommodation options in the town are provided with latest amenities and comforts, making one’s stay simply content. Hotels like the Hotel Saket Plaza, Hotel Amir, Evershine – A Keys Resort, Hotel Blue Heaven Mahabaleshwar, Club Mahindra Sherwood, Hotel Dreamland, Hotel Matoshree, Saj Resort, Fountain Hotel, Hotel Kamat Riviera, Hotel Rahi, Hotel Citrus Chambers, and Hotel Sai Regency are some of the hotels popular among the tourists. These are the hotels that irrespective of the intent of one’s visit of the town offer a content stay.