Looking back at Bhopal’s past

India’s history has a lot of unturned pages that have not yet been explored from the eyes of the world. While in the state of Gujarat the remains of the first human civilization to have existed are found, in the states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, there are caves like Elephanta, Khajuraho and Bhimbetka that mark the steps of human footsteps and the slow paced progress that they made in fields of writing, scripts, architecture and education. In the city of Bhopal alone, there are numerous fine examples that connect the dots for us to look through the pages of past. There are places that enable us to explore and dig deep into Bhopal’s past, and they have apparently become the places that interest tourists. Some such places are:

Bhimbetka rock painting

Bhimbetka Rock Paintings

Dating back to the pre historic era, these cave paintings are actually an archaeological treasure for India. There are almost 500 caves in total that have paintings of the pre historic Neolithic age humans, who used to live in these caves. It is indeed invaluable and somewhat surprising to have something that dates back to some thousands of years, is still intact in these caves. Every event is depicted in form of these drawings.

bhojpur bhopal


Another ancient place in the heart of Bhopal, the city of Bhojpur used to be under the rule of the great Parmar ruler Raja Bhoj, who got a temple of Lord Shiva constructed here about a thousand years back from now. It is called the Somnath of the East and the temple is magnificent, both in architecture as well as its built.  The well balanced harmony of the architecture and the height and loftiness of the Shiva Linga make it appear like a total heavenly place.

islamnagar bhopal



Bhopal has had a history of being ruled by the popular Afghan rulers too in the past. Dost Mohammad Khan, a popular Afghan ruler had his palace in Islamnagar, which is a picturesque site to behold. The palace is surrounded by various gardens and decorative pillars, which are an example of well blended Islamic and Hindu architecture. There is Hamam, the Chaman Mehal and the Mehel of Queens alongside the palace too.  It adds up to the glorious and the rich past of the city of Bhopal.

Altogether, these places along with other places like the prominent mosques and buildings of the city make up the rich past of the city. These places are worth paying a visit to, and to make your tour here memorable, you can plan a short weekend trip to Bhopal and stay at one of the 5 star hotels in Bhopal. Since tourism is at a constant high in this city, you ought to book well before your arrival to find a place in a Bhopal’s 5 star hotels. Booking online might also get you to avail some perks since it is always a smarter and better option. Keep in mind to prepare a bucket list since there are so many places that one needs to visit in Bhopal that a few might just get missed.