Krakow Guide – Krakow in a Nutshell

Whilst there is so much to see and do in Krakow we understand that sometimes your visit may be restricted by time. So if for any reason you only have one day to visit the city Krakow Guide has put together a route which takes in all of the most important places you should see whilst visiting.

Your itinerary by Krakow Guide

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The route which has been prepared by Krakow Guides begins at the medieval gates and finishes up in Kazimierz (the Jewish district). Being shown around by your expert guide, they will teach you about all the places connected with this cities fascinating ancient history, such as Wawel Hill including the impressive castle on top, the main market square and everything that comes with it such as Sukiennice and St Mary’s Church.

Krakow Sightseeing – Discovering the Old Town

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Beginning at Matejko Square right in front of the famous St. Florian’s Church, you will then move on to see the remains of the Krakow medieval fortifications – St. Florian’s gate and the Barbican – a 15th century fortress which was once connected to the gate but is now just surrounded by a moat.

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From there you will head down Florianska Street before seeing the impressive view of St. Mary’s church at the end. The church is of course located on the main square which is the largest of its kind in Europe and contains other attractions such as the Sukiennice and the Town Hall Tower.

Coming away from the square you’ll head down Grodzka Street which contains buildings from nearly all historical periods. One of the streets leading off from Grodzka is Kanonicza Street, which is where Pope John Paul II lived for some time.

Next up is Wawel Hill and everything that goes with it. You will get to see Wawel Cathedral, Wawel Castle and the Wawel Dragon, where you’re highly knowledgeable Krakow guide will be able to tell you all about their history.

Kazimierz District

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After spending some time at the castle you will be able to head on to the second part of the tour which is Kazimierz. This part of the tour begins with a visit to Skalka Church before heading on to see the huge St. Catherine’s Church.

You will then get to head through the picturesque market square that is Plac Nowy you will arrive at the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz where you will visit and learn about some of the synagogues in the area such as Isaak Synagogue, Old Synagogue, and last but not least the Remuh Synagogue. This is where you end your tour, which will have given you all the essential information regarding Krakow’s most important attractions and monuments. Of course if you have more time it may well be worth your while looking at some of our other tours on offer.

A tour for the day lasts between five and seven hours, although this time can be reduced if you decide to hire a melex (electronic buggy) for an extra fee. And of course there is no need to worry about getting tired or hungry during this trip, as we factor in a lunch break as well in which we can also offer promotional packages at some local restaurants.

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