Jaipur: the beauty of Rajasthan

Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a remarkable city in the desert and boasts of some of the most beautiful sites in India. The most amazing thing about Rajasthan is the fact that it was once the capital city of royalty. Today Rajasthan is a modern metropolitan city and a business hub.

For First Timer:

For people visiting Rajasthan for the first time the scenery is breathtaking.one can’t help but be amazed at the beauty that is Rajasthan .Rajasthan has some of the best tourist’s attractions in the world. They include; the Abhaneri step well which shows the expertise of ancient well digging.it is a unique piece of ancient engineering, the Shesh mahal which is incredibly amazing.it allows you to photograph yourself in a framed mirror and your photo appears to be like a portrait and the Anokhi museum of hand printing dedicated to ancient art of hand printing. Everything about Rajasthan draws u nearer. All around Jaipur are amazing sites that any first time visitor can appreciate.

What to wear:

Rajasthan has a hot semi-arid climate so if you are visiting come with light clothes since the hot desert climate can really take a toll on you. Occasionally there are cold waves that hit the city bringing with them temperatures below freezing point so it is always advisable to carry in your suit case some warm clothes just in case.

Hotels in Rajasthan:

The good thing about Rajasthan is that even though it is in a desert environment visitors always have a choice to stay in some of the best hotels on earth. Hotels such as the Taj rambagh palace, Hotel Pearl palace and the Tree of life resort and Spa have been voted among some of the best hotels in the world.

Rajasthan Cuisine :

Rajasthan cuisine is famous world over and any first time visitor can’t help but spoil their test buds with the various delicacies on offer. Jaipur’s food is world class and famous dishes include missi roti, Ghevar, feeni and my personal best Gajak.All the food in Rajasthan are very nutritious so the visitor does not have to worry about junk food which is proving to be a very big problem in the rest of the world.


One unique thing about Jaipur is its people. They are friendly and always welcoming. Rajasthan has one of the most cosmopolitan settings in the world. The major religion is Hindu but there are still a considerable number of Muslims and Christians.

It is no wander this desert city was once the capital city of royalty. One can’t help to notice at first glance the length at which the early inhabitants of Jaipur went to design the city. Indeed there are a lot of changes that has happened in Rajasthan but still the ancient culture sticks out in all its splendour in this modern day city.