Jaipur – A colourful chapter in the travelogue of any visitor

The Pink City of Jaipur remains to be one of the top destinations in the travel bucket list of many who have not yet visited the city and has been frequently revisited by the people who already have. The city is simply irresistible and beautiful. This article talks about everything you need to know about on how to approach the city of Jaipur.

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Jaipur, one of the top tourist hotspots in India is a crowd puller regardless of the time of the year. Every season the city sees innumerable number of domestic travellers and foreign tourists alike. Jaipur is the main tourist attraction of the tourism powerhouse of Rajasthan, much of it also owes to its proximity to New Delhi. Tourists who touch ground in New Delhi can easily board one of the Delhi to Jaipur trains and reach the city in under 5 hours. The city of Jaipur has a huge wealth of intriguing sites which make people revisit time and again.

Apart from introducing you to this huge wealth of historical sites, the city also caters well to its visitors. Jaipur is known to have some of the best hotels not only in the whole country, but also the whole of Asia. Some of the best international chains of hotels have their chain of hotels in this city. These hotels are at par with the best accommodations in any top cities in the world, and not only does it come with a price, you will also need to make your booking much prior to your journey as the booking is made even upto six months in advance. The facilities and services provided by these hotels truly make you feel like a king in the land of the kings!

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On your arrival in New Delhi, you can choose to visit Agra by road first before heading out to Jaipur as it only takes about 2 hours by road to Agra from New Delhi, and while Delhi to Jaipur trains are convenient and available at any time of the year and also a fast and comfortable means of travel, the road from the national capital to this majestic city is beautiful and picturesque. Solid, clean four lane roads lead you towards the city where you will come across moving boulevards or guarded by sand or rock hills on both sides in some parts. You will pass some small villages along the way and you can stop for a steaming cup of chai (tea) and snacks along the way. The drive to Jaipur will surely force to you make some stops along the way to capture the scenery in your camera for your travelog.

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Jaipur is unmistakable, and as you drive along the beautiful roads, you will know you have reached Jaipur without reading the milestones as the sandy surroundings and hills stop and you start seeing a well established city in a plain area with modern buildings. Take a drive along the city before you check into the hotel to let the thought of being in Jaipur sink in. You may even pass along some of the beautiful sites along the way which you can tour and thoroughly explore the next day. Safe the touring for the next day and get some proper rest for the day. Plan your tour on a gradual progression so you do not have to spin around in circles going back and forth the same place while on your touring. Keep yourself hydrated as Jaipur has a hot, humid and dry atmosphere and there are risks for sunstrokes especially for tourists. Apart from that, Jaipur is a perfect tourist destination promising any visitor a great time!