Jabalpur – A haven for nature and history lovers

A famous tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur is famous for mesmerizing sceneries and archaic history. Sporting a deep rooted history, the traces of humankind in this city dates back to 300 BC. The various structures of the ancient era showcases a beautiful architecture that is difficult to emulate even today. Apart from that, the city also has various natural wonders including waterfalls and reserves that adds to the beauty of Jabalpur. You can book your tickets on the Gwalior to Jabalpur train and get ready to explore these awesome places.

balancing rock

Balancing Rocks: While you go up to the fortress, you will see the Balancing Rock, which is an immense rock on a little base. The tricky position of the stone makes you question your eyes. The stone had not moved notwithstanding when there was a seismic tremor of 6.5 extents. Geologists express that the stones are one and not two. It is said that it was one sandstone rock going back to a large number of years. With the progression of time, it has weathered to look like two. The hypothesis separated, Balancing Rocks is justified regardless of the visit.

bhedaghat jabalpur

Bhedaghat: Found just 25 kms from Jabalpur the spot is renowned for drifting on River Narmada as you get the opportunity to cruise between the wonderful marble rocks. The sparkling marble rocks stand tall and glad at a tallness of around 100 feet on either side of River Narmada. Moonlit evenings make an immaculate situation here. Paddling along the stream with hush filling your ears as your eyes take in the moon sparkle on the marble rocks is a lifetime experience, which you can’t bear to miss.

chausat yogini temple jabalpur

Chausat Yogini Temple: Arranged on top of the slope, the tenth century sanctuary is a shining case of antiquated design. Round fit as a fiddle with 125 feet distance across, the sanctuary draws in adherents and others alike. Pictures set on its platforms can be related to three unique periods. A specific kind of pictures has a place with Kushana period, the other to post-Gupta period and the third set has a place with Kalachuri style that existed somewhere around tenth and thirteenth century. You have to climb 108 steep strides to achieve the sanctuary.

madan mahal fort jabalpur

Madan Mahal Fort: The monument belongs to the eleventh century, is a staggering case of the engineering magnificence of the past. The fortress does not share any semblance of different strongholds in the nation. It had a reason when it was fabricated and it filled the need. Developed by Madan Shah, the fortification served as a watchtower amid the rule of the ruler. Arranged at a stature of 500 meters, the post offers a great perspective of Jabalpur.

Not only these there are various other illustrious places here where you can visit to have an awesome time. Book your tickets online and get on Gwalior to Jabalpur train now to have a vacation full of adventure and knowledge compressed in one.