Indian Railways – an enthralling journey to embark on

Indian Railways is one of the most comprehensive and largest train networks in the world. With over 7100 large and small stations and the total length of the track of about 115,000 k.m. the railways is the link that connects the entire nation together. Pick a train, book the tickets, and travel through destinations in an Indian Railway train.


Indian Railways is the link that connects the entire nation together. Today, it is not just a mere means of transportation, but a medium that provides a comprehensive glance on the country, its people and their lifestyle. It also plays a significant role in the country’s history as the historical roots of the Indian Railways dates much back to the time before the country got its independence. It was in the year 1853, when the Great Indian Peninsula Railway opened the first ever railway line between Bombay and Thane, and ever since then, the railways in India prospered to the extent that at present it is counted as one of the world’s largest railway networks. It is interesting to note that there are over 7100 large and small stations and the total length of the track is about 115,000 k.m. With the passage of time, the experience of travelling in the trains has come a long way. It is more convenient, safer, and certainly more comfortable. It is easily the most preferred modes of transportation in the country for the fact that it is cheaper than the flights and travelling long distances on a bus in India, just seems to be a vague idea. Besides, there are many regions in the country that have no air connectivity or are miles away from the airport. That being said, travelling through India on trains is an adventure in itself. On your train journey you will meet different people from different parts of the country. Interacting with them gives you the opportunity to learn more about the Indian culture. If you travel in a regular train and in a general coach, you’ll often find people carrying their own lunch. Do not the miss the opportunity to exchange food and taste some home-made savories.


Today, travelling in trains is also much safer than what it used to be in the earlier days. However, it is advisable to be responsible of your belonging. It is a safe practice and helps you stay assured. If possible, travel light. It is an advice that most of travel experts suggest the travelers. Travelling light simply eliminates the inconveniences of carrying a drag with you all the time. Plus, it also removes the extra baggage charges, that may apply. Plus, there is always the advantage of you being swift and flexible with less baggage, whenever there is the time required.

With effective implementation of modern techniques, internet, smartphones, etc. the wholesome experience of train journey has improved to a large extent. Starting from checking the availability of trains and seats to booking a seat to keeping updated with the train running status or knowing whether the train is running late or not, everything can be done online. Although, you cannot pick a desired seat but you can book a seat and hope that you get the desired one. There is the official website of IRCTC that one can make use of, in addition, there are several good mobile apps relating to railways that travel experts often advise. Book your train, do a PNR Status check, pack the backpacks, and get going to destinations in an Indian Railway train.