Relish a comfortable-content stay at best cheap hotels in Gulmarg

Housing one of the world’s highest cable car and some of the best ski-resorts in the nation, Gulmarg is a destination to head to. Weather it is to seek an escaped from the scorching heat of summer, or to check out the heavenly landscapes, play in the fluffy snow, or to enjoy snowfall, Gulmarg makes a fine choice.

Located in the snow-capped regions of Kashmir state, Gulmarg is primarily a hundred percent tourist town. It is counted amongst the most popular tourist destinations in the nation. Brimming with serene meadows, grassy plains, cool breeze, clear blue sky, and everlasting snow-covered mountains, the city is a bliss. Summers here are amazing and are the ideal time to visit the city. As the temperature rises, the weather becomes more soothing. Meanwhile, the winters are also pretty popular time to visit the city. Winters here have their own charm. It is the time when adventure buffs and winter-sports fanatics flock at the town. The town receives good snowfall and the snow in the town is most ideal for skiing, ski-biking, snowboarding, and snow-motoring etc.

The place offers dozens of opportunities for the nature-lovers to admire and get themselves captivated by nature’s creativity and artistry. A fun ride in the city’s Gondola (cable car) offers the most magnificent views of the region. It will cost you from Rs 300 to Rs 800, depending on the ride.

Since the town is not too big in the area, so getting around in Gulmarg is mostly done by foot. All tourist attractions are quite convenient to be accessed on foot. There is a road that goes through all areas in the town. Besides, one can also use the sledges to get around in the town.

Meanwhile, many tourists to the town also see Gulmarg as an opportunity to explore and understand the genuine hospitality of the town and hotels in Gulmarg. Finding accommodation in the town is a simple affair. Although there are not too many options available, still, all the hotels dotted in the different parts of the town, are adequate enough to offer one a comfortable and content stay, and that too whilst keeping the expenses at minimal.

Hotel Pine View is one of the most run-after hotels in the town. Offering a cozy, homelike ambience, with comparatively low room charges, the hotel makes it to the list of the best cheap hotels in Gulmarg. Its location is convenient, and is located in Tangmarg area. Two tourist attractions, namely Apharwat Peak and Gulmarg Biosphere are just a few minutes walk away. Besides, there are several other tourist spots in the hotel’s vicinity. Meanwhile, the hotel is quite limited on amenities. It is a standard hotel with elementary amenities. So travelers seeking luxury, have to bargain with their expectations. However, the rooms are well-done and comfortable, hence ensure of a content stay. It is ideal for all types of tourists, in all age groups and ensure them of an unforgettable stay.
In addition to the Hotel Pine View, there exist several other equally good budget hotels in Gulmarg. Abdulla’s Greenz, Gulmarg Inn, Hotel Zam-Zam, Hotel Affarwat, Pine Palace Resort, and Hotel Zahgeer Continental are some of the best hotels in the budget category.