Experience the Best of Himalayas with a Refreshing Trip to Ladakh

Far in the northern frontier of the Himalayas lies Ladakh – the land of High Mountain passes, extreme roads, vast valleys, and pre-historic monasteries tucked in the high cliffs. It is a fascinating destination in the north that definitely finds a place on the bucket list of every traveler.

Embark on a trip to Ladakh – a gorgeous mix of beauty and uncontainable experiences to relish the untarnished charm of nature. Coz it’s the place where you always wanted to be!

  1. Experience the best shade of nature at Pangong Lake

Sitting atop an imposing altitude of 4350 m, Pangong Lake is nature’s charm hidden in the mountains. Ladakh prides in this jewel that exudes the perfect shade of azure and is one of the most photogenic places in India.

The 134 km long lake is a pleasant place in summer where you can actually spot Himalayan Marmot and number of migratory birds who flee to the mountains seeking refuge in the mountains. The brackish water lake is also known for its changing colors in the presence and absence of sun.

The lake is at its the best from June – September but if you are up for something extreme, visit during the month of December – January when the lake is completely frozen and becomes even more photogenic.

  1. Take a camel safari in Nubra Valley

150 km to the northeast of Ladakh Valley lies Nubra Valley- offering the best of pristine nature. The valley is best known for double-humped camel safari, Diskit Monastery, and the 32-meter Maitreya Buddha statue. Nubra, with so much of nature’s magnificence and charm, has a lot to feed the wanderlust in you. Let the traveler explore the best that this place has to offer.

The cold desert region is not even close to the one you saw in Rajasthan, the Nubra valley has picture-postcard villages and escapades that are indeed a treat for the nature lovers. A trip to Nubra Valley counts for best of Ladakh experiences for every traveler!


  1. Watch the live anti-gravity at Magnetic Hill

Another nature’s wonder that epitomizes the greatness of Ladakh region, the Magnetic Hill is an unusual experience in the mountains of Ladakh. 30 km far from the Leh town the hill is easily accessible from the city by a taxi or cab. The strange location of the hill makes a stationary vehicle move upslope towards the hill even if the ignition is turned off.

There are several existing theories about the magical hill, but the most prominent are the one states that it’s an optical illusion where even the downslope appears as upslope. Leave all the theories alone, just travel to Magnetic hills to relish the best of Ladakh experiences.

  1. Go camping in Zanskar Valley

If there is a paradise on earth for campers and adventurers, it’s right here in this part of Ladakh. Primarily known for its daunting trekking locations and rugged terrains, Zanskar in Ladakh is the perfect place to erect a tent, perform adventure activities in the river flowing by, and lie down in the sprawling lawns embracing the wilderness and gazing at the glowing celestial bodies.

Zanskar is the place in Ladakh where you lose the track of time. The sub-district of Kargil is one of the most photogenic places in the trans-Himalayan region and is truly a photographer’s delight; indeed one of the best of Ladakh experiences!

  1. Visit Marvel Hemis Monastery – the best monastery in the heart of the Himalayas

40 km to the southeast of Ladakh is Hemis – the most beautiful man-made structure that you get to see in Ladakh. Most Ladakh tour packages cover it in the itinerary as it is one the most popular tourist attractions here.

Lying in the foothills of the mountains the monastery has a 12m long Thanka – the largest in a monastery in Ladakh. Also, Hemis festival celebrated in the month of June-July is a major festival in the Trans-Himalayan region.


During the festival people worship Lord Padmasambhava, not to forget the masked dance performed during the festival, which is one of the best and attracts people from across the world. A 122 km drive further to the east of Hemis takes you to the magical world of Pangong Tso Lake.

Even though the above mentioned are the loveliest Ladakhi experiences, there are a lot more experiences in the region that will leave you dumbfound!