Classic Himalayan family activity holiday – Sure to take your breath away

Traveling with our families and friends is the greatest experience of life because it enables us to feel free, reconnect with ourselves and those close to our hearts and discover new things that are valuable in life. Just seeing how others live and analyzing their local customs as well as getting to know more about their history can be a great lesson in life every time we choose to visit a new tourist destination.

We all have a wishlist of places we would like to visit with our life partners and children and the Himalayas is a region that is found on everyone’s list. This is a great location to travel to if you want to experience all from a single trip: breathtaking scenery, imposing mountains, wild animals, sports activities as well as luxurious accommodation options. Everything you want to experience is there for you to discover during a classic Himalayan family activity holiday. Let’s discover more about your options below.

Bhutan: once in a lifetime traveling experience


Among the numerous tourist attractions, the Himalayas have to offer to curious eyes and souls traveling across the world, Bhutan seems to be the most exclusive one. This may be because there is a strong attempt to retain the strong national identity of this region as well as the most treasurable traditional values that we are all interested in discovering.

For many years, tourism has been quite rare or exclusive in this area which has made everyone want to visit it even more. Now that we have access to it, we can see why it was hidden from us for so many years. It is not easy to get there nor can it be considered a low-budget type of traveling experience but all the time, money and efforts spent to get there will be fully repaid given the wonderful scenery featured by this region.


Once you get there, you immediately get the feeling that you have entered a secret world of hidden, natural miracles well supervised by imposing mountains that never allow us to overcome unwanted limits. The locals in the area say that there are deities living among the country’s peaks so trekking in the challenging Snowman Trek is the kind of adventure that can only bring new thrills in your life. The spectacular high-altitude routes that allow trekking as well as the rich cultural experiences tourists can live there make this destination irresistible for those who manage to get there at least once in a lifetime.

Discover the great Himalaya trail on a great mountaineering adventure


Another great idea for your family trip in the Himalayas is to follow the trail that covers 4500 kilometers across Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, India and China. You can choose to break down such trails into various shorter sections in case you cannot afford the time or costs of engaging in the whole trail at once. Moreover, more trips bring more opportunities for you to experience more in terms of local history lessons and great cultural experiences shared by welcoming people who want to reveal their life to others with an open-mind and who share the same passion of life as them.


No matter how you might decide to plan such an expedition, make sure you get ready to trek in challenging conditions as well because you might encounter variable weather or remote areas on the road. However, there are also numerous local guides willing to take you wherever you want and who can show you the best places to visit in this region according to the season when you decide to travel to the Himalayas.


Rely on locals to share their passion for good food, show you wild animals in their natural habitat and reveal their real life in the middle of nature and among deities they treasure and fear at the same time. Their rich culture and experience of life will amaze you for sure and you will want to spend more time there or get back to witness more in the Himalayas next year. Allow yourself this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy Himalayan walking holidays in which you and your family will rediscover a new world and way of enjoying life.