Goa, A Destination Where The Old Syncs Perfectly With The New

Goa is primarily known for its modern culture and the new age attractions. However, there are certainly many other aspects which the state has in its store for the history buffs as well. Head of the state and spend a memorable Goa holiday exploring the old-age monuments and places of Goa. One can also avail one of the various Goa packages that suits his tour plans.baga beach goa

Goa an excellent tourist destination is certainly full of surprises. Among its major attractions, the Bom Jesus Basilica occupies a major place. Declared as a World UNESCO heritage site, the structure is a beautiful church that stands in the Old Goa Road, Velha Goa. It is one of the major pilgrimage sites and has a frequent visit by both, Christians and non-Christians. The church is one among the oldest constructed churches in the country. It was consecrated in 1605 and is also the spot where tourists throng in the counts of thousands.goa church tour

Today the church is a major landmark. Other than its spiritual significance to the church is also known for its beauty. Featuring Baroque architecture the church is simply one of the most beautiful churches, one has ever been to. There are beautiful-big stained glass windows, the interior looks whimsical and so does the outsides of the church. The church also houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. Aged over the multiple centuries the remains are very well preserved. The church remains open from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM all days throughout the year, except for the Sundays.

Another good tourist spot for the history worms and sightseers in Goa is the Aguada Fort. It is an ancient castle and is one of the multiple well preserved historical heritages of the state. Constructed in 1613, today the area where the fort stands is known as Candolim Beach. It was a fort of high significance to the Portuguese. The fort played a major landmark, a reference point for their ships sailing near the Goan shores, which came from Europe. Besides, the fort also secured their outpost from the invading Dutch and Marathas. Today it is one of the major itineraries to the travelers visiting Goa. The good thing is that there are several luxury hotels in Goa in the vicinity of the fort. This grand monument also remains open for tourists throughout the year. The visiting hours are from 9 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening.romantic goa honeymoon tour

Featuring a good collection of several valuable remnants-relics from the past of the state and the places nearby, the Goa State Museum is yet another excellent place to learn more about the state and also the nation. It archives about eight thousand artifacts, including sculptures, paintings, coins, manuscripts, religious fabric, anthropological artifacts, and numismatic collections. The fourteen different galleries housed inside the museum together give a detailed glance of the state’s history, culture, and religion. Each gallery displays a specific collection of artifacts, which is simply a feat.adventure trip to goa
Other than these, the additional interesting places/spots that tell more about the state, its history, include: Chapora Fort, Cabo de Rama Fort, and the medieval churches and ruins of colonization. A good thing for a history enthusiast, there are certain interesting Goa packages that are specifically made for the tour of all historical places in Goa, including the above mentioned. Head to the state for a detailed tour of its irreplaceable historical monuments and places, and spend a memorable offbeat Goa holiday.