Finest Luxury Hotels near Taj Mahal India

If you have decided to visit the monument of love with your spouse, you would certainly want to make this trip truly special. To visit and see this fabled Seven Wonders of the World is like showing you a mirror of love. Imagine what a divine sight it will be, to hold hands with your spouse as you walk inside the premises and see Taj Mahal India, this giant edifice in white. This white is the resplendent colour of purity and symbolises the pure love that Shah Jahan had for his queen Noor Jahan.

To give your stay here in Agra a touch of class and make it more romantic, book into a five star hotel and see the enchantment grow. For generations, Agra has been a top tourist spot and people throng here by the thousand almost every day. Further, it’s not just the Taj Mahal India, coming here means you get to see some more of the amazing sights that has firmly put Agra on the world tourism map. Let us have a look at a brief selection of some of the five star hotels around Taj Mahal.

Although most of the five star hotels here have the usual facilities and choices you would expect of any other five star accommodations, it is wise to carefully go through their service offering and facilities before you book five star hotels around Taj Mahal. Here are two that might seem interesting to you.

The Taj view:

This is a 100 room accommodation and is located just a kilometre away from the Taj Mahal. This is one of the finest places that you can hope to book a room with a view of the fabled Taj Mahal. There are many deluxe rooms, executive room & suites. These executive rooms have attached living rooms, bathrooms, health clubs, salons and all top features one would associate with a five star luxury.

The Mughal Sheraton: This five star luxury hotel is located close to the Airport which is around 10 km away. Like the name suggests, this start property gives you the feel of royalty like in the days of the Mughal Kings themselves. Even the architecture of this delightful hotel as you will later see, is done up in the true Mughal style. When you take back home pictures of your hotel and your room, you will likely hear people stunned by the beauty of it. This massive 285 room five star hotels around Taj Mahal is all about pampering you and your spouse with complete five star ambiences, which is amazing. It has all the top features you would expect of a five star anywhere else in the world. There are three deluxe suites here and two presidential suites as well.

When it comes to five star luxuries, Agra has a lot to offer for all the discerning travellers from all over the world, and they go back with fond memories, and often come back for many more trips to India. To book your hotel simply log on to the many hotel booking sites and get your-self a great deal from amongst the many hotels around Taj Mahal.