Top 5 interesting facts you probably never knew about Chennai

The door to South India and the spot to encounter the genuine quintessence of the South Indian lifestyle and way of life, Chennai is understood for being one of the best occasion destinations in India. This article shines a light on the lesser well known facts about the city.

Chennai, one of the heavyweights in the automobile business and very much famous around the globe for the assembling and generation of products for different ventures, is additionally the principle business focus of south India. Cheap Chennai to Trivandrum flights can be less expensive than an AC train ticket making you conveniently visit another one of the top cities in South India. In spite of the fact that the atmosphere can be hot, sticky and dry, a visit to the city will thoroughly be justified regardless of all the inconvenience as there is so much Chennai brings to the table to its visitors. Said underneath are a rundown of things you most likely never thought about Chennai.

Chennai was called “Madras”

While this may not come as a shocker to the younger generation who has always known Chennai as ‘Chennai’, which is the reason when you make a notice of the name “Madras” they look befuddled and may even cringe hearing the name. Chennai was called Madras until the year 1996. Madras is taken from the name ‘Madrasapattinam’, which is a little angling town close St. George Fort.

Chennai has the second longest shoreline on the planet

The prevalent Marina shoreline is the second longest shoreline on the planet reaching out to up to 8 km of common territory shoreline. The nights in this shoreline stays stuffed with individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds hoping to unwind following a hot tiring day.

Chennai is named the Detroit of India

Why? Since it plays home to all the real car makers on the planet the distance from BMW to Hyundai. The nearness of the city to the ocean port, the mechanical scene of the city and the adaptable Government strategies profiting the industrialists has pulled in all the fundamental players in the amusement from everywhere throughout the world to this city. It courageous produces 40 % of the car save parts and engine vehicles in India.


Cricket in India started in Chennai

The one game the Indians rage over is cricket. With the establishment of the Madras Cricket Club in 1846, the popular game started in India at a standard level. The main ever five-star cricket was held in 1864 where the home group confronted against a solid group of Calcutta.


The Vandalur zoo was the main open zoo in India

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park, or just known as Vandalur Zoo, is the primary open zoo in India and one of the biggest in Asia. Set up in the year 1955, this zoo reaches out to over a territory of 602 hectares and safe houses more than 1500 types of wild creatures of which 46 are profoundly imperiled species. The zoo likewise shields huge amounts of fowls and fishes.

Chennai is more than it meets the eye, and the more you explore it, the more you will fall in love with it. Sure, the weather and hot climate may be the city’s biggest enemy, however, if you look past it, you will discover this gem of a place.