Explore the mighty forts of Pune

One of the best cities of India, Pune has some of the best and the mightiest forts in India. With close to 20 forts, adventure seekers have no dearth of options when it comes to exploring forts and engaging in trekking activities. The distance from the base to the forts is anywhere between 3-10 kilometers and the view from the top is as breathtaking as it can get. Moreover, everyone from beginners to the experts can undertake trekking activities according to their tastes. With high stress levels, people of Mumbai are constantly on lookout for a breath of fresh air. You can easily leave the hectic life of Mumbai and experience nature by booking tickets for Mumbai to Pune trains.

Here is a list of forts near Pune where you can go for an awesome trekking experience:

sinhagad fort

Sinhagad Fort: Situated in the Sahyadri hills 4800 ft above sea level, the drive from Pune takes around 45 minutes. Strategically placed, the fort acted as the control point over several trade routes during Shivaji’s reign. Trek to the fort takes almost 1 hour and you will not be disappointed with a bunch of interesting activities going on the top of the hill including Zip Lining. You can easily finish off the tour in 6-7 hours and spend the rest the day  picnicking in Panshet.

purandar fort pune

Purandar Fort: Standing at a height of 4472 ft above sea level, the fort is located near Narayanpur. You can reach there easily by boarding a bus to Saswad which takes 45 minutes and then catching an auto from Narayanpur. The trek is moderate one and you can reach the fort in approximately 2 hours. If you are not in the mood of walking you can easily get a lift to the Purandar Fort. The view from the top is one to die for and you will be left speechless by the absolute beauty of the place.

lohagad pune

Lohagad Fort: Situated in Lonavala, the fort is located 53 kms from Pune. Approximately 4000 ft above sea level, the fort is connected to Visapur fort standing opposite to the Lohagad fort. You can reach the fort by taking a train to Lonavala from Pune and then hiking all the way to the fort, which takes close to 2 hours. Visit the place in the month November and you will see a great number of waterfalls erupting from the hills across the region.   

rajmachi fort

Rajmachi Fort: Though it stands only 2710 feet from the sea level, the trek is the toughest as compared to other forts. Most people prefer to walk from the Lonavala station to the fort, which can take approximately 4-5 hours. Route to the fort as well as the view from the top is amazing and you can feel chills after reaching there.

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